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This article, Miette Archembault, is property of Rainbowcupcake88.

Miette Archembault is an OC created and owned by both Rainbowcupcake88 (it's original creator) and CutyCat.

She is based on Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa.


Miette have long pastel violet hair pulled into two longs pigtails. She have round, orange eyes and a pale skin. She wears the default female uniform #1 and she wears a light brown cardigan. She is one of the female students that currently attend Akademi High School, and she will appear in week 0.


She has the Spiteful persona and is very manipulative.



Yume Saku

Yuka doesn't hate her, but she dislike her. She doesn't like the fact that she is attracted to girls.

Abata Kouisha

She consider Abata as an angel. She love and admire her, and she would be devasted if something bad would happen to her. They are friends.

Taeke Yamako

The crush and actual boyfriend of Yuka. She care about him a lot and she love him more than anything in this wolrd. She would be really devasted and sad if something bad would happen to him.


Ayano Aishi

She dislikes Ayano, finding her to be a "filthy commoner".

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