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Miharu is an OC that belongs to WikaWika2005.


Miharu has 3 orange tritails and wears a blue seifuku and thigh high orange stockings.


Miharu is a very shy person but is sneaky at the same time. Miharu is very helpful like her cousin Momo. She respects everyone and likes to paint. She had a crush on Ryouta Izumi after the "Incident".


Momo Kawasaki- Miharu's closest relative.

Tomoko Yamazaki- Miharu loves her because Tomoko got Miharu and Ryouta together. Tomoko is one of the 3 people who know about the 'Incident'.

Yori- Miharu is also close to Yori and hangs out with her once in a while.

Hikari- Miharu is very jealous about Hikari's figure.

Hikkamori- Miharu never did get to know her.

Ryouta Izumi- Her 2nd boyfriend, She absolutely loves him and does not want to lose him.



7:08-7:15: Miharu changes her shoes

7:15-7:56- She and Ryouta hang out by the Sakura Tree where they both confessed to each other.

8:00-1:00: Miharu goes to class.

1:00-1:23: Ryouta and Miharu makeout a bit. Then they talk for a while.

1:30-3:30: Miharu goes to class.

3:30-5:00- Miharu does some activities in the Student Council room then Ryouta and Miharu go into the storage room to resume their makeout session.


When Miharu was in Middle School, she had a boyfriend. After a month of dating, her boyfriend had started cheating on her. She found out 2 months later. She was in UTTER.RAGE. Miharu found some scissors and went inside the class he was in and stabbed him nearly 200 times screaming at him. After burning the evidence and his body, Miharu felt very guilty and knew she would lose her reputation completely. But, lucky for her, Ryouta Izumi her childhood friend, actually accepted her and they both moved to Buraza Town to attend the middle school there.