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Mika Morioka is a second-year student attending Akademi High.


Mika has purple hair in varying shades, green eyes, and fair skin. She wears a dark grey uniform and maroon socks with black shoes.


Mika is mostly Heroic. Although she poses with your standard magical girl pose, she will attack you when she witnesses a murder.

Mika is very aware of her boundaries and limitations, and tries to overcome them. She loves cosplaying characters, even dressing up as some of her own. She is very non-judgmental and accepting, sometimes a bit too much. She acts a bit eccentric, as well. She enjoys creating fake accounts to make others angry, and this part of her carries over into her everyday life, although you wouldn't tell from her speech.


Imari Byakuya: Imari and Mika are enemies.


Witnessing murder: "Oh my god! You won't get away with this!"

Seeing a corpse: "Oh, that's a corpse!"

Seeing a corpse being dragged: "Y-You KILLED them!"

Seeing a bloody uniform: "Hm, I wonder why it's bloody?"

Seeing someone covered in blood: "Wait, why are you covered in blood?"

Seeing a pool of blood: "What? Why is there blood?"

Seeing a weapon: "Why is this here? Suspicious."

Seeing someone carry a weapon: "I don't think you're supposed to have that!"

Seeing someone insane: "Get away from us!"

Seeing someone laugh insanely: "What is with you today? Have you always been this way?! Begone!"

Witnessing a panty shot: "Gross."

Victim of a panty shot: "Have some decency."

Doused with water: "Ugh..."

Doused with blood: "Is this blood?"

Doused with gasoline: "Now I smell like gasoline! Where did this even come from?"

Complimented: "Oh, thank you!"

Being complimented too much: "It sounds like you're just saying that to make me feel good, which I hope isn't true."

Gossiped to: "Really? Why would you waste your time doing that?"

Reacting to a lie on the Internet: "Don't lie."

Reacting to a truth on the Internet: "Oh my god, that's terrible!"

Task request: "I need my wand. It's upstairs in the Drama Club room. I guess someone mistook it as theirs?"

Task accepted: "Thank you! I can't have it missing."

Task denied: "Okay. Thanks for listening to me, though, I guess."

Task completed: "Thanks! Sorry if you looked suspicious. I'll clear everything up later!"

Trying to talk after a murder: "..."

Being asked to follow you: "Okay...?"

Being asked to go away: "Rude, but I owe you one, so..."

Being asked to distract someone: "Don't know how long I'll be able to, but sure."

Being asked for a favor: "Shoot."


Mika's wand is in a box on the Drama Room. After you complete her task, you can befriend her.


  • Mika is insanely good at photo editing and cosplaying.
  • Everyone assumes that she believes that she's a magical girl. She does not.
  • Mika is in Classroom 2-1.