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Mikane is the one of the characters in the Yandere Simulator who came from Dacorn.


In The Yandere Games Season 2 by Dacorn, introducing Mikane to be an enemy for Ayano Aishi.


Mikane has dark grey hair that is styled in drill pigtails (Probably because I see her with this hairstyle and I think this hairstyle called "drill pigtails" because Fandom Wiki wrote this text, if talking about her hairstyle since 2018 I don't know). Her eyes are grey as well. She wears the default uniform unless customized. Her bust size is 2.


In the video by Dacorn, Mikane is Evil.


Ayano Aishi

In The Yandere Games Season 2, Mikane will take violence to Ayano Aishi and other characters in the last episode.