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Misogi Kanae (佳奈江御曽木 - Kanae Misogi) is an OC created and owned by CutyCat.


Misogine Kanae is a female student attending Akademi High School.

She's a very kind and caring person who loves helping other people in the need. There are rumors her personality changed because of the death of one of her younger sister, but nothing has been confirmed.


"A caring and very nice girl who is often seen taking care of plants in the garden.

Not much is known about her past, but she is shown to be a kind girl with an easygoing personality. However, don't underestimate her - she seems to know how to defend herself, so don't just go and try to harm her in any way - you'll just waste your time and energy."


Misogi have two long light purple ponytails and she wears a light green headband. She have a pale skin tone, and also have a freckled face and a light green collar.

She is pretty much underweight, eating only once or two times per day and only vegetable and actually have a fairly normal stature.

She wears the default uniform #1 of my fanon with light green stockings, and is one of the female student that currently attend Akademi High School. She will appear in week 0.


Misogi is kind-hearted, caring, care-free and easygoing. She desire nothing more to make people happy and comfortable around her, making her one of the sweetes person to ever exists in my franchise.


Misogi use both Protective and Social Hero persona. If a camera is ponted at her, she will do a cute pose. If she witness murder, she will attempt to aprehend the player and the struggle mini-game will start. If she sees a dead body, she will call the police and then hide somewhere safe in the garden. If she sees blood pool, she will get suspicious and will alert a teacher.


Oh, hello dear ! Do you need anything from me ? Oh, you wanna know if I need your help ? Aww, dear...well...I do need some help. You see, those beautiful plants ? Well, they kind of need water. Could you get me the watercan of Himane-kun please ? I know he left it somewhere here, but, I don't know where...

— The task of Misogi.

What a kind heart you have ! Please, be fast ! I don't want the flowers to die...

— Accepting her task.

Oh, I guess I understand...don't worry, dear ! You can come back to me anytime if you ever need help !

— Refusing her task.


At 7 AM, she enter the school grounds and goes to her locker to change her shoes. She then goes to the Gardening Club garden and take care of small plants and flowers.

At 8 AM,

At 1 PM,

At 1:13 PM,

At 3:23 PM,

At 4 PM,

At 5 PM,







  • Her personality and her way of speaking are inspired by the character's personality Kocho Kanae from the anime Demon Slayer.


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