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This OC now belongs to Ice


She has a Hair shaped like a ponytail the color is a type of pastel pink with white, She wears a white bow on the back of her hair, she wears the Sailor uniform with hot pink stockings


Mita has always had an interest in girls but not always, the reason for that is of her trauma with boys, On middle school, she always had a crush on a very lonely guy.

She decided to confess to him on lunchtime inside the school when everyone was watching, after confessing the quiet and lonely boy began screaming at her calling her a monster, all of the students were shocked that this student a very quiet one was so rude like that, she was very shocked and began to cry she ran away, her teacher said to her "Maybe boys aren't the right for you"

Then she followed the advice her teacher advised her.


Oogami Yumi - Mita has a crush on her, Oogami doesn't know about Mita's crush on her but they are kind of friends

Utsubyo Shonen - Utsubyo was the boy who screamed at her, he became silent after that, Mita doesn't hate him she is just..sad.

Ria Tsuke - Mita often gives Ria some advice on making news for Ria's newspapers, they are friends

Tsuneyo Shunji - They've known each other since Tsuneyo got into Akademi they are kind of best friends but Tsuneyo's best-best friends are the Mediocre Friends.


Mita is often seen as a confidant girl who tries her best to keep herself going, but she has multiple personality traits

As the following:

  • Creative
  • Courageous
  • Confident
  • Responsible
  • Tense


  • Mita's portrait was originally made by PISTACHIOLORD then adopted by me.
  • Mita once was going to be called Giyokana but her name was scrapped.
  • Mita is very courageous she explores various dark places, she considers the Occult club to be "Little Chicken"