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Note 2 - All of the software mentioned on this page and listed in this section is available for free.

Note 3 - Some of these tutorials might not work on the Demo Builds and are outdated. To use them, it's better to use old build such as build before Unity 7.

Since Yandere Simulator is made in Unity, it can be modded. There are various types of modding :

Students.json Modding

By modding the game's Students.json file, you can edit the game's students in a variety of ways.

You can see all info here: Modding/JSON Files.

Topics.json Modding

By modding the game's Topics.JSON file, you can edit the students' opinions on different conversational topics.

You can see all info here: Modding: Topics.json.

Text Modding

A new tool to modify the text of the game on the latest builds has been released by SeleDreams (Previously known as Pikachuk).

This tool runs on the new yandere simulator modding tool by SeleDreams "YandereNextHook"

Contrary to the one released a long time ago, this one doesn't modify the game files and can work in future builds without requiring to remake it.

At the time of writing, it supports all the text of the game minus the fun girl scene and others texts that aren't written as a "block" (it only supports direct sentences, not letters by letters)

You can download it here, there is a file with instructions on how to use it.


If you have any bug or problem, you can contact SeleDreams on this discord server :


There is also this video showing how it works :


Yandere Simulator Text Editor Update and Tutorial

Cutscene Commands Modding (Pose Mod)

Cutscene commands give a whole new world of modding. With them, you can change student textures without replacing any textures, give otherwise unusable hairstyles to students, and much more.

You can see all of the information here: Modding/Cutscene Commands.

DLL\Source Code Modding

By modding the game's Assembly-UnityScript.dll or Assembly-CSharp.dll file, you can do all sorts of things, like edit the students' additional info, make new hair and eye colours for students and etc.

You can see all the information here: Modding/Assembly-UnityScript.dll.

Pikachuk Modding Engine

Mikachuk's modding engine can be used to mod the game in various ways.

You can see all the informations here: Modding/Pikachuk Modding Engine.

Extra Modding Methods

Modding methods that does not fit any of the categories listed above.

See everything here: Modding/Other Methods.