This page is for cutscene commands modding with the posemode by kgftbz.

This page is allowed to be modified only if the adjustment is correct and positive

If somebody has asked a question and it has been answered, put it in the FAQ section.


Make sure your command is up to date with the newest pose mod or it may crash the game when you try to load your cutscene.

Getting Started

For creating cutscenes, the only things you will need are Kgftbz's pose mod and Notepad (or Notepad++). To create a new cutscene, make a text file in the cutscenes folder of the pose mod.


When looking through commands, you may see words like bool or int. These are the parameters which tell the command what to do.

Parameters are of four types:

Parameter Description Example
Text Can be any alphabetical value. Student_1 (Senpai)



Bool Can be either true or false. true


Float Can be any numeric value. 1



Int Can be any whole numeric value. 1



Commands List

NOTE: Not all animations can be used. Only the ones that either a character or the player uses can be used.

NOTE 2: All commands and their parameters are case sensitive.

Name Description Example Image
Wait:Float Waits a number of seconds. Wait:4
Atmosphere:Float Sets the current atmosphere. Atmosphere:0.5
DecAtmosphere:Float Decreases the current atmosphere. DecAtmosphere:20
Sanity:Float Sets the player's sanity. Sanity:0
DecSanity:Float Decreases the current sanity. DecSanity:30
YanVisible:Bool Toggles whether or not the player is visible. YanVisible:false
HUD:Bool WIP HUD:false
HUD2:Bool WIP HUD2:false
HUD3:Bool WIP HUD3:false
TimePaused:Bool Toggles whether or not time will pass. TimePaused:true
TimeText:Text Changes what time the HUD displays. TimeText:430
SetTime:Float Changes the current time. SetTime:4000
YanAddNew Adds student animations to the player so that they can be played with YanPlayExistingAnimation or YanCrossFadeExistingAnimations. YanAddNew
SanityBasedKills:Bool Toggles sanity animations. SanityBasedKills:true
YanSetAnimWeight:Text:Float WIP WIP
YanCanMove:Bool Toggles whether or not the player can move. YanCanMove:false
YanPlayExistingAnimation:Text Makes the player play an animation. Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. The animation will not play unless the player cannot move and has their animation stopped with YanStopExistingAnimation. YanPlayExistingAnimation:f02_idle_20
YanCrossFadeExistingAnimation:Text Makes the player play an animation, while cushioning the animation that was played before it. Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. The animation will not play unless the player cannot move and has their animation stopped with YanStopExistingAnimation. YanCrossFadeExistingAnimation:f02_newWalk_00
YanStopExistingAnimation Stops the current animation the player is using. The animation will not stop unless the player cannot move. YanStopExistingAnimation
YanExistingAnimationSpeed:Text:Float Set's a speed for how fast a animation YandereChan is playing is. (Waring it only sets the speed for the animation!) YanExistingAnimationSpeed:f02_newWalk_00:1.5
YanHair:Int Changes the player's current hairstyle. YanHair:102
YanSetIdleAnim:Text Set's the player's idle animation. Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. YanSetIdleAnim:f02_idle_20
YanSetWalkAnim:Text Set's the player's walk animation. Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. YanSetWalkAnim:f02_newWalk_00
YanSetRunAnim:Text Set's the player's run animation. Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. YanSetRunAnim:f02_run_00
YanSetAnimLoop:Text:Int Makes an animation yandere chan plays slower or faster . Requires YanAddNew before it if that animation is for students. YanSetAnimLoop:f02_newWalk_00:7
YanReplaceAnim:Text:Text Replaces one of the player's animations with a different one. YanReplaceAnim:f02_demonIdle_00:f02_idle_00
RefPathfinding:Text:Text Makes a student find and follow another student.

RefPathfinding:Student_5 (MeiMio):Student_6 (Saki Miyu)


Changes the speed of pathfinding for a student. RefPathfindingSpeed:Student_16 (Midori Gurin):4

Gives a Student one of Yandere-Chan's Hairstyles.

The first parameter for the student. Second for the hairstyle. The third can be anything. It is the duplicated hairstyle's name.

HairFromYanTo2:Student_2 (Yui Rio):LovelyHair:LovelyUnicornPinkH
KillCharacter:Text Kills a student or teacher. KillCharacter:Student_14 (Pippi Osu)


Activate:Text:Bool Activates or deactivates game objects. Can be anything from a student to a bucket. (To make senpai invisible)

Activate:Student_1 (Senpai)/Character/m01:false

(To disable the whole school)


SetUniform:Text:Int Changes the uniform of a student.

1 - Short Sleeve Uniform

2 - Long Sleeve Uniform

3 - Short Sleeve Sweater Uniform

4 - Blazer Brown

5 - Blazer Black and Red

SetUniform:Student_2 (Yui Rio):2
Graffiti:Bool Activates or deactivates the Bullying Graffiti for Kokonas Desk. Graffiti:true // Graffiti:false
Fence Activates both Fences. Fence
Fence.Set:Bool Activates / deactivates both Fences. Fence.Set:false // Fence.Set:true
SaveClassSeat ClassSeatPosition:Int:Int:Int Changes your Class Seat Position + Prompt and Aura (Yandere Chans Seat)



HairStyle:Text:Int Changes the Hairstyle of the selected Student. HairStyle:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):0
YanEmptyTorso Makes the Torso of Yandere Chan Empty YanEmptyTorso
StudEmptyTorso:Text Makes the Torso of a Student Empty StudEmptyTorso:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
PrepDels Locates the Delinquent under the Ground and removes the Timer. PrepDels
KillCharacter:Text Kills a Character KillCharacter:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
Teacher:Text:Bool Gives a Student, Teacher Functions (Arresting you, you cant Speak to them etc.) Teacher:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):true
RightEyeColor:Text:Int:Int:Int Changes the Right EyeColor of a Student. RightEyeColor:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):1:0:0
LeftEyeColor:Text:Int:Int:Int Changes the Left EyeColor of a Student. LeftEyeColor:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):1:1:0
InEvent:Text:Bool If you activate this, you cant Speak to the Student that you set into InEvent. InEvent:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):true
ActivatePlayer:Bool Activates / deactivates the Player ActivatePlayer:false
FirstPerson1 Detaches the Camera from Yandere Chan (just like Cinematic Camera Mode!) FirstPerson1
FirstPerson Attaches the Camera to Yandere Chans Head, enables a 1. Person View (Controls are a bit Hard!) FirstPerson
DeAttach:Text It detaches a Gameobject and changes its Parent to the Root. DeAttach:[Object you want!]

It enables a PlayAsBoy Mode,

[it might not work in Unity 5 anymore!]

RemoveDebugMenu Makes the Debug Menu unaccesable! RemoveDebugMenu

Makes the EasterEgg Menu



Enables / disables the PoseMod


RainySky Changes the Skybox to a Rainy Skybox! RainySky
LockDoorAt:Int:Int:Int Locks a Door at a Specific Position. LockDoorAt:Your X Position:Your Y Position:Your Z Position
OpenDoorAt:Int:Int:Int Opens a Door at a Specific Position OpenDoorAt:Your X Position:Your Y Position:Your Z Position
LayerToYan:Text Adds the Selected GameObject as a Layer on Yandere Chan. LayerToYan:[Object you want!]
AttachSkinnedMeshTo:Text:Text Attaches the Mesh of Object 1 to Object 2! [Might require more Commands!] AttachSkinnedMeshTo:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):YandereChan
AttachSkinnedMesh:Text Attaches the Mesh of Object 1 automatically to Yandere Chan AttachSkinnedMesh:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
AttachSkinnedMeshWithPrefix:Text:Text Attaches the Mesh of Object 1 automatically to YandereChan and changes the Name of the attached Object! AttachSkinnedMeshWithPrefix:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):Kokonut
RandStuds:Text The Name you enter will automatically be an Random generated Student. [Like the 90 Students Mode!] RandStuds:Kokona Haruka
RestartDay Restarts the Day! RestartDay
PlayerPrefInt:FemaleUniform:Int Changes the Uniform of the whole school PlayerPrefInt:FemaleUniform:4


SetAccessory:Text:Int:Bool Enables an accessory on a Student.


 0 = Book

 1 = Arm band

 2 = Bento

 3 = Phone

 4 = Green phone

 5 = Pen

 6 = Leg warmers

SetAccessory:Student_16 (Midori Gurin):4:true
DoStudAccessory:Text:Int:Bool Adds a club accessory to a student. "Int" refers to the Club's ID number.

(Where Cooking = 1, Drama = 2, Occult = 3, Art = 4, Music = 5, Martial Arts = 6, Photo = 7, Science = 8, Sports = 9, Gardening = 10, and Gaming = 11)

DoStudAccessory:Student_5 (Mei Mio):8:true

AMZE's Commands List

NOTE: These commands can be accessed by getting newer version of PoseMod. Link for new PoseMod:!OFAiyZAL!jAmt_7c63A3Fwm60Pl_5fg!vBRCgJ6I

Name Description Example
EnableGameObject:ObjectName:Bool This Enables/Disables an Object! Practically a force Activation for hidden Objects. EnableGameObject:SmallTree:false
EnableGameObjectComponents:ObjectName:Bool Enables/Disables ALL GameObject Components(Scripts, AudioSources, etc.
PromptLabelText:PromptObjectName(MurderPrompt for example!):LabelID:LabelText Changes a Prompt's Label Text.
PromptLabelColor:PromptObjectName(MurderPrompt for example!):LabelID:Red:Green:Blue Changes a Prompt's Label color.
Pathfinding.Enabled:Student_X (NAME):Bool This can be used for Events, to make a student Stop following their Routine! Basically the Command from KG to make a Character stop moving, just without glitching movements.
DisableStudentPrompt:Student_X (Name) Disables a StudentPrompt. DisableStudentPrompt:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
EnableStudentPrompt:Student_X (Name) Enables a StudentPrompt. EnableStudentPrompt:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:MeshRendererObject:MaterialID:ShaderName ("Toon/Lighted Outline" for example.) Changes a Shader of a Renderer through the Shader Names.
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughRenderer:MeshRendererObject:MaterialID:OtherMeshRendererObject:OtherMaterialID Changes a Shader of a Renderer through the Shader Names!
YanEmptyHands Removes Every Object out of YandereChans Hands! YanEmptyHands
RendererColor2:Object:MaterialID:R:G:B This changed the Material color selecting through the ID.
DestroyYanPantys DestroysYanChan's Panty model. DestroyYanPantys
ChangeShaderInt.ThroughFind:RendererObject:MaterialID:ShaderVar:Variable Changes stuff like a Shaders "_Outlines" to a value (default is: 0.002).
ChangeShaderFloat.ThroughFind:RendererObject:MaterialID:ShaderVar:Variable Changes stuff like a Shaders "_Outlines" to a value (default is: 0.002)
SpawnSpecial:Osana Spawns Osana and enables her Event Objects ( This only enables the Spy stuff, etc...) SpawnSpecial:Osana
EmptyStudentMesh:Student_X (Name) Changes a Students mesh to nothing, can be used for replacing a whole character model. EmptyStudentMesh:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
ModelAttacher:Attachment:PelvisRoot of the Object you want to attach to(called Character sometimes too!) Attaches Rigged Object 1 to Object 2.
RiggedAccessoryAttacher:Object you want to attach to:Attachment:The Object materials that should be used for the mesh! Attaches Rigged Object 1 to Object 2, this is the way YandereDev adds the Eyetypes and attaches Rigged Models
SpawnStudent:StudentID:NameOfTheStudent Spawns a Student, useful for stuff like different Spawn Times or spawning under certain conditions! You might even be able to spawn Osana with this! If you don't spawn her
at the first Frame and rather use a small wait before Spawning her! Like Wait:1 and then the Spawn Student function for Osana.
SpawnStudent:Student_7:(Kokona Haruka)
Private:Student_X (Name):Bool Makes a Student Private. Means you can't talk to them, and certain stuff won't work anymore. Private:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):true
CanTalk:Student_X (Name):Bool You can allow a student to be interactable or not.
CanTalk:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):false
ChangeDestinationName:Student_X (Name):Phase:DestinationName Changes a Student's Destination Name on a Certain phase of the day.
ChangeActionName:Student_X (Name):Phase:ActionName Changes a Student's Action Name on a Certain phase of the day.
StudentBlush:Student_X (Name):Int (I recommend between 0 and 1!) Changes a Student's Blush. StudentBlush:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):1
CharacterSetRelaxAnim:Student_X (Name):String Changes a Student's Relax Animation.
CharacterSetPatrolAnim:Student_X (Name):String Changes a Student's Patrol Animation.
CharacterSetSitAnim:Student_X (Name):String Changes a Student's Sit Animation
Pushable:Student_X (Name):Bool Makes a Student Pushable, just like Kokona on the roof. Pushable:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):true
Drownable:Student_X (Name):Bool Makes a Student Drownable, just like Kokona at the Fountain or on the Toilet.
Drownable:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka):true
CharacterAddAnimations:Folderpath to the designated AssetBundle:Student_X (Name) Adds Animations from an AssetBundle to a Student.
AddRigidbody:GameObject Adds a Rigidbody onto a GameObject, this allows the GameObject to have physics and be like a ball, or a falling weight, weapon, etc...
EnableRigidbody:GameObject Enables a Rigidbody which is on specific GameObjects.
SubtitleDistanceScaleObject:GameObject The Scale of the Subtitle Changes depending on the distance between the Player and the Object that you choose above! Useful for events and cutscenes.
StopSpying:SpyObject Makes you stop spying, useful for Events.
CharacterAddNew:Student_X (Name) This isn't a new Command, though it now adds RivalChan's, Geiju's, Headmasters, Counselors and Gardening Club animations to Students too. CharacterAddNew:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
ObjectAnimationPlay:GameObject with Animation Component:AnimationName Plays an Object animation on a Specific Object.
ObjectAnimationCrossfade:GameObject with Animation Component:AnimationName Crossfades an Object animation on a Specific Object.
ListAllObjectAnims:GameObject with Animation Component Creates a txt. in your Streaming AssetsFolder, which contains all Animation names on your Animation Component, useful to use those Animations.
Destroy:ObjectName Destroys an Object, deletes it in a way.
Pathfinding.SetTarget:Student_X (Name):XPos:YPos:ZPos : XRot:YRot:ZRot Makes a Character stop following their Routine and start following a Set Target, this doesn't overwrite the Routine Slot.
Pathfinding.SetTargetToSpot:Student_X (Name):ObjectName Makes a Character stop following their Routine and start following an OBJECT OR SPOT, this doesn't overwrite the Routine Slot.
Pathfinding.ReturnToRoutine:Student_X (Name) Makes a Character pathfind their current ROUTINE schedule again. Pathfinding.ReturnToRoutine:Student_7 (Kokona Haruka)
ChangeScheduleDestinationTarget:Student_X (Name):Phase:XPos:YPos:ZPos : XRot:YRot:ZRot This won't result in weird bugs and can actually use every destination in the JSON even Hangout, 
and isn't depending on if there is a Transform signed to that destination since it basically signs a new Transform for its Schedule.
ChangeScheduleDestinationTargetToSpot:Student_X (Name):Phase:ObjectName This won't result in weird bugs and can actually use every destination in the JSON even Hangout, 
and isn't depending on if there is a Transform signed to that destination since it basically signs an existing Object for its Schedule. ALSO if you set a Spot using AddDestinationSpot
you can pathfind it with the name you set later too.
AddDestinationSpot:Name Of The Spot: Xpos:YPos:ZPos : XRot:YRot:ZRot Allows you to add Destination Spots that you can use later for pathfinding! using the ChangeScheduleDestinationTargetToSpot Command.
FirstPersonCam:Bool Enables / Disables the First Person mode. FirstPersonCam:true
Experimental Commands
Smooth rotation! and a speed, how fast it should rotate to the selected Rotation.
SmoothPosition:Object:XPos:YPos:ZPos:Speed Smooth rotation! and a speed, how fast it should rotate to the selected Rotation.
Physics Commands
Physics.Add:Bone you want to have Physics for! Adds Physics to a Bone, that is used for hairs at the moments! WARNING only use a BONE not an OBJECT since they will start changing their Positions in bizarre ways.
Physics.Damping:Bone:Float Changes the Damping of the Physics.
Physics.Elasticity:Bone:Float Changes the Elasticity of the Physics.
Physics.Inert:Bone:Float Changes the Elasticity of the Physics.
Physics.Gravity:Bone:X:Y:Z Changes the Gravity of the Physics!
Physics.enabled:Bone:Bool Enables / Disables Physics.
Gravity.Set:X:Y:Z You can set the Game's Gravity with this!
Gravity.Reset Resets the Gravity!
Gravity.ZeroGravity Sets the gravity to Zero Gravity!
JiggleBone.Add:Bone you want to have a JiggleBone for! Adds a JiggleBone to a Bone! WARNING only use a BONE not an OBJECT since they will start changing their Positions in bizarre ways.
JiggleBone.Damping:Bone:Float Changes the Damping of the JiggleBone.
JiggleBone.TargetDistance:Bone:Float Changes the TargetDistance of the JiggleBone.
JiggleBone.Mass:Bone:Float Changes the Mass of the JiggleBone.
JiggleBone.Gravity:Bone:Float Changes the Gravity of the JiggleBone.
JiggleBone.enabled:Bone:Bool Enables / Disables a JiggleBone.
If Commands
if:ObjectNearPoint:ObjectName:X:Y:Z:MIN DISTANCE Checks if an Object is near a specific position in a specific radius.
if:Time:MinTime:MaxTime Checks if the current time is between the MinTime and the Max time, useful so that events won't play after a certain Time.
if:PromptPressed:PromptObject Checks if a Prompt is being pressed.
if:StudReputationIsAbove:Student_X (Name):Int Checks if a Student Reputation is above a certain number!
if:StudReputationIsUnder:Student_X (Name):Int Checks if a Student Reputation is under a certain number!
if:Weekday:DayOfTheWeek Checks for a certain weekday! can be the Weekday name or number ( Example: Monday // Monday // 1 )
if:Key:KeyName Checks for a certain Key and not starts a cutscene depending on if the key was pressed!
if:Weight Checks if Yandere Chan is carrying the 50 kg Weight!
if:Weapon:WeaponID Checks if YanChan is HOLDING a certain Weapon or not!
Other Commands
PlaySound5:FileName in the Sounds folder!:Object it plays on:Multiplication of the height (useful to make it sound correctly try certain values like 1.5):Bool for changing the Sound pitch depending on the Game's Speed!:Bool for if it should loop! Useful to make it sound correctly try certain values like 1.5):Bool for changing the Sound pitch depending on the Game's Speed!:Bool for if it should loop.
Already Existing Routine Spots.
Senpai :


Rainbow 6 Girls :

Hangout2 ( Yui )

Hangout3 ( Yuna )

Hangout4 ( Koharu )

Hangout5 ( Mei )

Hangout6 ( Saki )

Hangout7 ( Kokona )

Rainbow 6 Boys :

Hangout8 ( Haruto )

Hangout9 ( Sota )

Hangout10 ( Hayato )

Hangout11 ( Ryusei )

Hangout12 ( Sora )

Hangout13 ( Riku )

Gaming Club :

Hangout14 ( Pippi )

Hangout15 ( Ryuto )

Hangout16 ( Midori )

Hangout20 ( Waifu )

Basu Sisters :

Hangout17 ( Sister1, Inkyu )

Hangout18 ( Sister2, Sakyu )

Librarian :

Hangout19 ( Kuudere )

Martial Arts Club :

Hangout21 (MA Master, Budo )

Hangout22 (MA Journeyman, Sho )

Hangout23 (MA Apprentice, Juku )

Hangout24 (MA Journeyman, Mina )

Hangout25 (MA Apprentice, Shima )

Occult Club :

Hangout26 (Occult President, Oka )

Hangout27 (Occult Crush, Shin )

Hangout28 (Occult Girl 1, Supana )

Hangout29 (Occult Boy 1, Chojo )

Hangout30 (Occult Girl 2, Kokuma )

Hangout31 (Occult Boy 2, Daku )

Horuda :

Hangout32 (Horuda)

Osana :

Hangout33 ( Osana )

Bully Hangouts :

Hangout81 (Musume)

Hangout82 (Bully 1, Kashiko )

Hangout83 (Bully 2, Hana )

Hangout84 (Bully 3, Kokoro )

Hangout85 (Bully 4, Hoshiko )

SC Hangouts :

Hangout (Strict, Kuroko )

Hangout (Casual, Shiromi )

Hangout (Grace, Akane )

Hangout (Edgy, Aoi )

Special Hangouts :

Hangout34 (Kizana)

Hangout (Megami)

Frequently Used Commands

These are strings of commands modders use often. Fill in the stuff like ID, Student Name, NameOfHair, NewName etc. with your desired names.

How to give a student one of Yan-chan's hairs and texture it:

HairStyle:Student_ID (Student Name):0

HairFromYanTo2:Student_ID (Student Name):NameOfHair:NewName








How to texture one of Yan-chan's hairs:









How to give a student custom stockings:







StudTex:Student_ID (Student Name):0

StudTex:Student_ID (Student Name):1

How to give a student a custom uniform:





StudTex:Student_ID (Student Name):0

StudTex:Student_ID (Student Name):1

How to give a student a custom face:

 Texture:2:Student_ID (Student Name)
 ActivateChildAll:Student_ID (Student Name):Iris:false

How to give a student a cardigan outfit:

ChangeShoes:Student_X (Name)
 EmptyStudentMesh:Student_X (Name)
 ActivateChildAll:Student_X (Name):Hoodie:false
 ActivateChildAll:Student_X (Name):Iris:false
 ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:NewName/CardiganSailorUniform:0:Toon/Lighted Outline
 ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:NewName/CardiganSailorUniform:1:Toon/Lighted Outline
 ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:NewName/CardiganSailorUniform:2:Toon/Lighted Outline
 RiggedAccessoryAttacher:Student_X (Name):NewName:NewName/CardiganSailorUniform

How to give Yan-chan a cooking club apron and texture it:


How to give a student RivalChan model and texture it (Warning make sure to keep the student original eyes cause ribaru model doesn't have eyes):


RiggedAccessoryAttacher:Student_ID (Student Name):Ribaru:Ribaru/f05/f05_schoolwear_200_h
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:Ribaru/f05/f05_schoolwear_200_h:0:Toon/Lighted Outline
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:Ribaru/f05/f05_schoolwear_200_h:1:Toon/Lighted Outline
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:Ribaru/f05/f05_schoolwear_200_h:2:Toon/Lighted Outline


Activate:Student_ID (Student Name)/Character/f02:false


HairStyle:Student_ID (Student Name):0
HairFromYanTo2:Student_ID (Student Name):CuteHair:NewHairName



AddAnimationsFrom:Student_ID (Student Name):RivalChan
CharacterSetIdleAnim:Student_ID (Student Name):idle_01

Cutscene by Yansimspokétale (no credit needed).

To give a student Megami (Student Council President) hairstyle:

ChangeShoes:Student_ID (Student Name)
HairStyle:Student_ID (Student Name):0


DeliStudHair:NewName:Student_ID (Student Name)

ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:NewName/SCPHairMesh:0:Toon/Lighted Outline


ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:NewName/SCPHairMesh:0:Toon/Lighted Outline


To change a student uniform and texture it:

ChangeShoes:Student_ID (Student Name)
SetUniform:Student_ID (Student Name):#
SetStudentBodyTexture:Student_ID (Student Name):NameOfTexture.png

To give a male student a deliquent uniform:

Duplicate:Student_76 (Umeji Kizuguchi):NewName
EmptyStudentMesh:Student_ID (Student Name)
RiggedAccessoryAttacher:Student_ID (Student Name):Student_76 (Umeji Kizuguchi):New/Character/m01/m01_schoolwear_000_h

How to give YandereChan Gentle Eyes Model:

RendererColor2:GentleEyes/BaldSchoolUniformNew:0: 1 : 1 : 1
RendererColor2:GentleEyes/BaldSchoolUniformNew: 1: 1: 1: 1
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:GentleEyes/BaldSchoolUniformNew:0:Toon/Lighted Outline
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:GentleEyes/BaldSchoolUniformNew:1:Toon/Lighted Outline
ChangeMaterialShader.ThroughFind:GentleEyes/BaldSchoolUniformNew:2:Toon/Lighted Outline

How to give Diffent Student a CardiganWaist and texturize it:

ActivateChildAll:Student_X (Student Name):CardiganWaist:true

RenameRefChild:Student_X (Student Name):CardiganWaist:NewName








To give a student Nemesis hairstyle:

HairStyle:Student_ID (Name):0
DeliStudHair:NemesisHairFinal:Student_ID (Name)

To give Yan-Chan fun girl hairstyle:


To give a Cardigan Waist to Yandere Chan and texture it

Duplicate:Student_82 (Kashiko Murasaki):Kash


Creating and Using .unity3d Files (INCOMPLETE TUTORIAL)

THIS TUTORIAL IS NOT COMPLETE! IT WILL NOT WORK AS IS! While using the pose mod, you may have encountered the default Stuff.unity3d file that comes with the mod. You may be asking, what is it? What does it do? How do I use it? How do I make one? Well, I'm here to answer all these questions! Here we go!

What is a .unity3d file?

A .unity3d file is a file created to be used with the unity web player. It packs all resources used for an entire game, including models, textures, code, shaders, and other assorted resources. It is currently a depreciated file format and can't be created with the newer versions of Unity.

What does it do?

In the pose mod, it can be used to put entirely new models in the game without having to replace other existing models. This means that the model won't already be being used, which can be a lot more convenient.

How do I use it?

To use it, you first need a .unity3d file (take Stuff.unity3d for example) containing a model (let's take the picnic table). This is how you would place it in school:




To put a hair (Like Kizana Hair) on a student, you would use this code:

HairStyle:Student_30 (Kokona Haruka):0



DeliStudHair:FakeKizanaHair2:Student_30 (Kokona Haruka)

Of course, to do this with your own assets, you'd have to mess with the RefPosition and RefLocalPosition coordinates.

(Credit to kgftbz's default Pose Mod commands for the codes!)

How do I make one?

This is the hardest question to answer. If you want to make a .unity3d files, you will need:

  • Your model (.obj)
  • Your texture

Tutorial (Older Builds!)

  1. Open Unity. Make sure you have an account (personal works fine).
  2. Create a new project and title it anything you want. Make sure the medium is 3D.
  3. Go to "Assets/Import New Asset..." and import each of your models.
  4. Click a model to select it and drag it to the current scene. Repeat for each model.
  5. Go to "File/Build Settings...". Make sure the medium is set as Unity Web Player.
  6. Click "Add Current Scenes" and name your scene anything. Click Build and choose a folder to export it to.
  7. Wait for it to build.
  8. Go to the folder you exported it to. There's your .unity3d file!

Tutorial (Newer Builds!) VIDEO REFERENCE

  1. Open Unity. You need an account - personal is fine. Make a new project, name it whatever you want. Make sure the medium is 3D.
  2. Go to "Assets > Import Package > Effects". Then, click Import.
  3. Click HERE for a folder that you HAVE TO HAVE, otherwise it won't work.
  4. Once the folder is downloaded, open it, then drag the Editor folder into Unity.
  5. Import your model by either dragging it into Unity, or doing "Assets > Import New Asset" then find your model. Do the same with your texture.
  6. Go to the "Materials" Folder and click on the "defaultMat" object. If you have multiple, repeat the next step for all the objects.
  7. Click the "Inspector" tab in the side, then drag your texture into the "Albedo" Box, the again into the "Detail Albedo x2" Box.
  8. Then, click the box next to "Shader" and choose "Toon > Basic Outline" then lower the "Outline Width".
  9. Next to "Main Colour", click the "Colour Picker" Tool and click the small white bar just next to it.
  10. On the left side, Right Click the inside of the Grey Box, then hit "Create Empty".
  11. Click the GameObject you created, then on the right side, make every number 0 on the position.
  12. Rename the GameObject. Remember this, as you'll need it later.
  13. Drag the Hair into the GameObject you made.
  14. Drag the GameObject into the Assets box.
  15. In the bottom right corner, click "None" then hit "New". This will be the folder name.
  16. Next to it, click the "None" box, then hit "New" and name it "unity3d" without a ".".
  17. Click "Bundle > Build AssetBundles". You have your Unity3D file!

Useful Stuff!

All Pose mod Commands

Here is a link to a Pastebin with ALL POSEMOD COMMANDS!

[List by AMZE!] [Warning I can't assure every command is working!]

Catalog of Yandere-chan's hairs

(UPDATED 9/4/2018)

Here is a link to a folder containing the names, textures, and images of all of Yandere-chan's hairs.

(OLD LINK provided by OkaColaZero)!dIFRwC6S!P9RdsZurXZlhGqCNd0_ieerwbYDIzbiqdZKvgsifiYM

(UPDATED LINK provided by emilyofjane):

Accessories List

(UPDATED 9/4/2018)

Here is a link to a folder that lists all of male accessories, female accessories, and Yandere-chan's accessories as of September 4th, 2018.

A lot of Ref-Names (Link provided by SweetieCookie 14) BROKEN

Yandere Chan,Male and female students ref-names.

Please credit me when using on Discord Servers please.


If you wanted to use an older build then go to this page;

PLEASE NOTE: This link, above this text, may have inappropriate images that are seductive and perverse.

NOTE: The comment section is not an appropriate place to ask for leaks no matter what type yet is it okay to share the leaks as an image if you were to showing them (e.g Osoro's confession cutscene)

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