Yandere Simulator HARD MOD

The mod is mostly made with JSON, but you need to activate pose mod while Playing.

Students became protectors of other students!

Your goal is to eliminate all students without their guardians seeing.

Rules are on the .txt file.


~ In the rules i forgot to mention that you can do this multiple weeks. ~


(If it doesn't work on your build, Try August 1st Build!)

Horuda Puresu Simulator by Ayumi Hinata

Hey it's my first mod!

This mod adds:

You can kill Senpai

Osana added

Kizana added

Oka added

Ayano Aishi is in the school

The school is now black

Custom outfits (gym uniform and swimsuit)


Little Mod by KawaiCats.

So, like the title this is just a simple and little mod.

This is for the November 2nd build.

this mod adds:

- The Rainbow 12

- New destinations for the rainbow girls and boys

- Oka Ruto

- Osana Najimi

This mod didn't delete or change any students. This mod is made by modding the c-sharp to be able to add the students from 7 to 20 by modding.


Yuna Simulator By FunntimeSpringBonnie (MeiRio)

- Added new characters

- New routine

- Play as Yuna Hina

- In my final mods i can include Yuna Hina rival

The link will come in 3 days because the mod is still in development, i'm using the pose mod

Yanderetuber-Mod By:MokaYEvans files and application included. Open using the pose mod.

Re-textured school

New portraits.

22 YandereTubers and 11 reference characters.

Demonic Yandere-Chan + Killable Senpai Mod By:Zand53

(March 5th Build)

[] (Pictures)

Dere Mod By RainbowDiamond123 (Updated)

This is an updated version of the Dere mod


New Stuff


  • Tsundere
  • Dandere
  • Kamidere
  • Undere
  • Mayadere


Will be updated soon

Ask me if you want to improve the mod

Delinquents Mod by : Lana Rose

in this mod includes Delinquents you can kill!

-Added Delinquents (female)

-New routines

-New hair

-New poses


This mod does NOT include Os

Dere Mod By RainbowDiamond123

<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[1819,1845,0,0]}">This mod adds 9 types of Deres.

Tsundere, Kuudere, Dandere, Deredere, Kamidere, Himedere, Coodere, Undere and Mayadere

Changes Mai Waifu's name to Deredere-chan and changes her personality

Adds the word "chan" at the end of Kuudere's name <p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[2039,2091,0,0]}">This mod works on any build of Yandere Simulator!


Might be updated

Ask me if you want to improve the mod

Old School Mod by Pumpkinhero2

This mod adds new characters in an old build! There are new and old characters!


Tranquilize Anywhere Mod (With A Bonus 😃) By Jackson Dunning


<p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[4076,4295,0,0]}">This mod lets you tranquilize someone anywhere, however, to activate this mod, you have to go over to the storage room and wait till the checklist pops up. Then you can ask someone to follow you and you can tranquilize them anywhere.


This mod also lets you tranquilize and kidnap male students.


Update to Pikachuk's "All students and teachers water/blood/gasoline bucket compatibles" By Jackson Dunning

This mod lets you splash anything on any person in the school.

Download Link:

Mod Osana by SpiriLynx

This mod replaces all students with a Tsundere with Osana hair. There is an Easter Egg hidden somewhere in the mod.

PS: Sorry for bad English.

Download link:

Thanks for downloading ;)

This mod is just a JSON mod, in the future I will upload a better mod we made with 2 other people.

"Saki Simulator" V2 by YanSimMods

Play as Saki Miyu!

Get Senpai!

Be Kawaii!




Osana and Yandere-Chan Json file by leakapar

Adds in Osana Najimi and Ayano Aishi (WIP)

Osana will have a phone call at 7:32

Osana will just stand on the roof & will stand on the classroom when she enters.


Now available In Oct.16 Build!

Replace Students in YandereSimulator_Data/StreamingAssets/JSON 

Oka Simulator by OrangeJellyDog

Play as Oka Ruto!

Mod Features:

Play as Oka!

Senpai Changed!

Ayano as a student

New Rivals

Shy animations!

And more stuff I forgot!

Link: (coming soon)

Half Implemented Osana Mod by BaronLuke Productions

This mod adds the real Osana in the school.


Video Preview:

The Yandere Nightmare Mod by RainbowChanIsDank

A mod where literally EVERYONE has a crush on Senpai... Even Senpai himself ;^)

Super Sexy Download Link

Real Osana Najimi is in the game!

I discovered That Osana Najimi is the Unknown student in STUDENTS.json. I just changed her name to Osana Najimi and she spawned as Osana.


For October 16th build.

Edit 1: She takes her phone call on the first floor near the girl's bathroom.

Edit 2:She interacts with Senpai! 

Witness-chan, Victim-chan and old hair Mei by SonrisitasParodyFans


This mod adds Witness-chan, Victim-chan (with Saki and Koharu's hair for now) and gives Mei Mio her old ponytail.

Download: TBA 


The Cyan Attacks: Saki Mod by DogKike (Down for now)




Almost School are Blue

Creates Mod

Almost All NPC are Saki

Game Over Fake Edited

Almost all NPC are Saki





Link OLD: 's mod

Only Yandere By NightmareTheTeek

=== This is my 1st mod so you may expect some bugs or glitches. Try this mod it's kinda funny so yah it adds Yanderes to your game, that's all it literally does (Sorry for bad English) ===

Download Link:


Nothing But Yanderes Mod By BudoTheSuda

This mod makes everyone at school be blue haired Yanderes

This mod is not compatible with any build below August 2nd

Works With (Build)

Added Mods

September 3rd


September 1st

teachers added

August 19th


August 16th


August 15th

rival chan head with keyblade

August 2nd


The Rival Chan and Keyblade mod is not by me, give credit to Pikachuk.

Link: Not Ready

Interactable Senpai Mod by BudoTheSuda

This mod makes Senpai Osana Najimi

And the 10th Student Senpai


Download Link: Portraits:

Json File:

Only Dark: The Oka Mod

August 19

September 1

Starting the mod making

Almost all red school

Almost all NPCs are Oka

Sanity music edited

Edited avatars

The nurse's hair, stockings and outfit are all red

All students wear black uniforms

Some weapons are blue

Music rights for Nintendo

This mod makes all students (besides Senpai) Oka Ruto.

Only September 1st Build.

Link :

Only Green: The Midori Gurin Mod by DogKike

This mod makes all students (except Senpai ) look like Midori

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School Green

Gym Green

Nurse, Eyes, Hair

and Costume Green

Few Weapons Green

And Blue

Special Uniforms for

Students (With Bugs)

Pajama and Green Basement

Clubs Green

And More.

| data-parsoid="{"autoInsertedEnd":true,"dsr":[26070,26115,1,0]}"|

Creation of Mod

Everyone but Senpai is Midori.


Link New:!

Link Old:

For the August 19th Build.


Oka Senpai Mod + Amaya Ruto by OkaxAyano

This mod changes Senpai to Oka Ruto and gives Oka a sister who runs the Occult Club instead.

For the August 19th build.

Download link for the mod:

Playable Osana Najimi and lollipop over katana by Pikachuk

This mod replaces the hair of Hatsune Miku by the hair of Osana Najimi, replaces her clothes, and replaces the katana with a giant lollipop.

For the August 19th build.

Download link :

YandereDev said that he won't shut down this mod, but he said that it will be useless in two months with the official inclusion of Osana.

Rival-chan head and keyblade over katana mod by Pikachuk

For the August 15th build.

It replaces the Miku hairstyle with the entire Rival-chan head, and

the katana is replaced by a keyblade too.

It's a 3D import mod, the texture of the keyblade doesn't work and she is reversed but it works.

Download link :!7lZk1DDK!DxpwQAel19x0wuXHLWJD7tGx16rLvwRGBrTIm4POc-w

Memories Mod

At the moment only for the 2015 Nov 1st build only.

This mod adds Rival-Chan, Oka Ruto, Info-Chan, And the new Nurse as an actual character that you can talk to or kill.

And you can even play as any of them as well.

Mod Link:!coAUVaaa!Lx0JVicZuvFQHboIw_olkQ

Old builds link:

Soon, I'll add Rival-Chan to a new build that has the new attack animations.

I used the Nurse mod to add the new Nurse to this mod.

I did not make the Nurse mod.

If you want the Real Nurse mod, you can find its download link on a YouTube video somewhere.

Yandere Chan Mod by Yandere6316

This mod makes all students and teachers Yandere-Chan.

Works with August 2nd build. 

Yuno Gasai Easter Egg Mod by BaronLuke Productions

This mod replaces the Hatred Mode and adds the "Yuno Mode". <p data-parsoid="{"dsr":[29804,29834,0,0]}">Works with the 29th June Build.


Hidden Girl Mod 

School Full of Budo Mod By Justin Simmer

This mod replaces everyone with Budo Masuta, except Senpai and the teachers.

Link: Coming Soon

Uekiya Engeika Mod by Kilarii-chan

This mod lets you play as Uekiya Engeika (The Gardening Club Leader)


This mod includes Osana & Mysterious Obstacle

You will learn more about it when you download it!

Horuda Puresu Mod by Kilarii-chan

This is a second mod made by Kilarii-chan!

I hope you like it


* Removed Senpai's Aura!

* Kizana Sunobu

*Osana Najimi

And Mysterious Obstacle

*All of the female students (except for bullies) have new shy animations!

Oh btw, if you press G while you're in debug menu you will-

Well, you gotta figure it out yourself.

Osana and Kizana are in Ayano's class.

There are Osana's Bentos (you can poison Osana and Taro's bento but Taro won't react to it)

I hope you'll have fun!


My Channel:

Matchmaking Senpai Mod by Lauraagira


In this mod, you have the ability to matchmake Senpai with Kokona or Osana!


I hope you like it! :)

Features and Downloads: Down here below:

1. Riku is replaced by Senpai (Taro Yamada), you can matchmake and kill him!                                             2. Budo is replaced with Senpai, so if you stand near him you get the Pink Aura!              3. If you choose the Osana version, Osana replaces Kokona! That you can matchmake her with Senpai... or kill her!          
This mod is ONLY COMPITABLE WITH October 16th 2016 Build,so read the "Readme" text  file for more information! To download the build, click here:                                            The download links (Each version is a Rival that you matchmake then):                                       Kokona Haruka:               Osana Najimi:

Gurin's JSON Mod

For more information, check this link.

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