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Muja Kina
Student Info
Career Nurse
Reputation None
Club Faculty
Age Adult
Persona Heroic (Ditzy and Clumsy)
Crush Senpai
Additional Info None

Muja Kina is a major NPC and a rival that Yandere-chan has to be careful around. She will take over for the regular school nurse during the 6th week of school.


"Muja is a young nurse who desires nothing more than to take care of other people...although she usually ends up causing more problems than she solves due to her air-headed and klutzy nature.

Muja will be serving as a substitute for the school's usual nurse, who isn't available during the sixth week of gameplay. She will become fond of Senpai very quickly, during a point in time when he definitely needs someone taking care of his health.

Her intelligence is not her strongest point, but she is a very sweet and caring person, and it's very easy to see how any schoolboy might develop a crush on her - including Senpai..."


Muja has long, slightly messy pink hair. Her eyes are light purple. She wears a low cut nurse outfit, along with pink stockings, a white garter belt, and white heels.


Muja will be mostly professional but have a slight romantic side. Originally, she was going to be the permanent school nurse rival and was originally described as 'lecherous, perverted, lustful and lewd', however the idea was scrapped. She is now described as 'pure' and 'innocent' and even though she will make sexual innuendos, they are unintentional on her part. If she witnesses murder, she will panic (probably spending a few extra moments panicking compared to other characters), then try to run to the teacher's lounge to alert the other teachers - she may run in the wrong direction by accident first.







  • Muja Kina is a pun that is based on the word mujakina (無邪 気), meaning "innocent" in English, the opposite of midarana.
  • Despite being Heroic, YandereDev has stated that Muja might be the only member of the Faculty to not have self-defense training.