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Kenichi Honda is a girl with a small chubby frame. She has long light pink hair pulled into two lower ponytails. Kenichi has light blue eyes and wears the assigned uniform for the all girls academy Akademi High School.

At home, Kenichi wears oversized shirts and grid shorts. Since of her messy nature, her hair is pulled out of her ponytails and it's always curly, messy, or both. Her two mothers don't approve of this.


Kenichi was born to a mother who was a nurse, not knowing that her son was actually her daughter, which explains her name being Kenichi. She was teased for this, people calling her Kenichi the trap and forcing her to go into male bathrooms at her old school. Her mother, Kaede Honda didn't know about this until Kenichi came home crying and refused to speak about until she finally confessed about it. Her mother sued the school and moved her to Akademi.