Nadezhda Utkina

Mama Ubiystvo


Human - Russian


Female Female


She She






Heterosexual Heterosexual

Personal Status

Russian Mafia


-90 (Feared)

Personal Status



Mikhail Utkin (Spouse), Dmitri Utkin (Son), Bertha Utkin (Daughter), Anastasia Utkin (Daughter)

Additional Info
She is the wife of a Russian Mob boss.

Nadezhda Utkin is THELEGENDGIANTDAD's 7th OC. She is the mother of Bertha, Dmitri, and Anastasia Utkin. She is married to the Mob Boss of the Russian Mafia, Mikhail Utkin.


Nadezhda has a very light blonde hair that reaches her shoulder blades and ivory eyes. A single beauty mark is located on the right of her chin. She wears a long sleeved button up brown dress, matching brown boots, and loose gray pants. She has a white bonnet and a scarf with a diamond pattern.


Nadezhda is not the best mother, but she cares for and supports her children and their decisions. She is quite protective of her family, however, and will go to great lengths to make sure they stay safe. Her actions have earned her the alias "Mama Ubiystvo," or "Mama Murder." despite this, Nadezhda is the least feared of her family.


Mikhail Utkin

Mikhail is Nadezhda's husband. They have a shaky marriage, as Mikhail often cheats on her. When Nadezhda finds out, she will yell at him, kill the woman he slept with, and stay mad for a few weeks. After awhile, she will sleep with another man, Mikhail will kill this man, and their marriage will go back to normal.

Dmitri Utkin

Dmitri is Nadezhda's oldest child and only son. She loves Dmitri and still thinks of him as her baby, despite him being 23. She supports his homosexuality but wishes he would find a permanent boyfriend instead of taking home another man every night. Sometimes she will yell at him if he comes home covered in blood, but knows that he will never lose a fight.

Bertha Utkin

Bertha is Nadezhda's oldest daughter and second child. Nadezhda is not very close with Bertha, as Bertha is more of a daddy's girl. She does care for Bertha, however, and thinks she's the most mature of her children.

Anastasia Utkin

Anastasia is Nadezhda's youngest child. She is very proud of her daughter, as she takes after her. Nadezhda is very protective of Anastasia, even more so than she is for her other two children, despite the fact that she knows Anastasia plays no games and can protect herself.

Stevie Mills

Stevie, being one of Bertha's only friends, knows Nadezhda from when he comes to Bertha's house. Nadezhda almost thinks of Stevie as her son.

Ongaku Obarodo

Ongaku occasionally comes over with Bertha to get away from her family. Though Nadezhda hasn't known Ongaku nearly as long as she's known Stevie, she wants to make it clear that Ongaku can come over anytime if she needs a place to stay.


  • Nadezhda is pregnant.
    • The baby will be male.
      • When he is born, Nadezhda will name him Luka.