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Nasu-Ka Ame or Naishade Amewara was a prodigy at a young age who has great plans of being an Operations Manager of Saikou Corp. He has a connection to Saikou Corp. in his best friend, Kencho Saikou and his sister Megami Saikou. He gets 100’s on almost all of his tests. There’s an unsavory rumor that he made the Heartbreaker along with the Science Club.


Nasu-Ka and Yandere-Chan are very similar. They both are Yanderes, after all. They share one difference however, she is devoted to her lover, while Nasu-Ka is devoted to saving his friends. He also has become very good at faking his emotions. If you complete his task, he will teach you a little on how to conceal your emotions.


Nasu-Ka can be seen changing his hair twice, from Shoku Tsuburaya’s hairstyle or Otohiko Meichi’s. His second hairstyle is actually speculated to not be him, but an apparent twin named Kyosei Ame, although, this is just a rumor. He wears a hoodie under his Gakuran (Made by Shiro Torayoshi). He has dark brown hair (Light in second hairstyle) and has light purple eyes. He also wears a cardigan for his casual outfit.


Nasu-Ka has a crush on Kaori Suto, who is his love interest.

Kiyoko Tatsuhara - Kiyoko is one of Nasu-Ka’s closest friends and she snuck in a vote to make him a Student Council Member (relevant towards plot).

Juku Ren - Juku and him have been friends since middle school. They watched a lot of Martial Arts movies together.

Mayu Kagoraya - Mayu is one of Nasu-Ka’s closest friends, although she has not told him about her other personality.


Hello Yan-Chan!
— Speaking to him
Yan-Chan.. why would you kill them?!
— Killing someone in front of him
Listen, I have this friend Juku Ren. He let me borrow a Martial Arts movie CD, but I forgot to return it to him. I would give it to him, but I uh... am a little busy. Would you mind giving it back to him?
— Task
Really? Thank you so much!
— Accepting his task
Oh... that's fine. Sorry for asking..
— Refusing his task
Thank you again Yan-Chan! I'll be in your favor forever.
— Completing his task


Nasu-Ka is a very special case, if you do end up accepting his task and giving Juku his CD, then he won't attack you, instead, he'll give you special dialogue.

Yan-Chan, you're a yandere? At least I know I'm not the only one here.. I'm just gonna... leave school..
— Witnessing you attack a student


  • Nasu-Ka’s hair was switched mid design
  • Nasu-Ka appears in Yandere Chan’s class for a few weeks, then gets switched to class 3-2 after being boosted up a grade.
  • Nasu-Ka almost made the cut to be the first male Student Council Member, but Kuroko shut Megami, Kaori and Kiyoko’s votes down.
  • After being alive for 5 weeks, Nasu-Ka will look at Kaori’s expressions towards guys with light brown hair, so he switches his hair color to a light brown.
  • He, in my fanon, has been an oc with the most outfit changes, and hair changes
  • His name, when translated into English is Nightshade, well, at least the plant nightshade
  • He may receive another hair change on the future due to the owner making hair models now.


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