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Natsuki Hayomori is a character and one of the current students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is also a recurring character in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2 and serves as the deuteragonist in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3 and one of the three deuteragonists in its Nightmare Mode. She is the Vice President of the Literature Club.


A cute and a tsundere girl who often argues with passionately and aggressively with Yuri over their differing opinions on writing styles. Although, she doesn't enjoy fights or arguments with people. She is the vice president of the Literature Club.


Natsuki appears to be a brash, blunt, cranky, and arrogant girl. She is also a tsundere, like Osana Najimi since she is quick to anger and sometimes hot-headed. She also truly cares about her friends and, even when she has obvious anger issues, doesn't enjoy fights or arguments with people. She doesn't seem to wanting to have more members in their club when Sayori suggests to Sayonika to do something that would make others feel interested in literature, but reluctantly understands when Sayori tells her that because they need more members. As her role of being a vice president, she would not hesitate to remove a club member if she sees them a problem to their club, however, sometimes she goes too far when Natsuki thinks a member is being apparently annoying when they're really trying their best. She hates being cute because she doesn't really think she is...cute.

Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2

Natsuki is shown to be quick-tempered, stubborn and rude. For unknown reason, she had an heated argument with Yuri and was losing her temper with her so she angrily kicked her out of her club. She doesn't seem to feel remorse over kicking Yuri out of her club as a vice president.


Sayonika Nayomi

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Yuri Hiroki

Natsuki often argues passionately and aggressively with Yuri over their differing opinions on writing styles.

In Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2, during Sayonika's absence in their school, Natsuki had an heated argument with Yuri for something. For unknown reason, Natsuki felt furious and angrily kicked Yuri out of their club. Their friendship was most likely ended due to their argument. Unknown to her, Natsuki's actions eventually impacted Yuri and caused her to develop a personality disorder. It also made Yuri to completely lose her sanity and starts to have sudden strange behavior and later, she is now shown to be more dangerous and murderous.

If Sayonika finds the note about what caused Yuri to act insane, dangerous and murderous, Natsuki might feel guilty and remorse and would probably start to regret for what she did to Yuri over learning it. Unfortunately, even if Natsuki tries to apologize to Yuri for her actions against her, Yuri would not really forgive her and still thinks she deserves to die, much to Natsuki's horror and dismay.


  • She is based on Natsuki from the Doki Doki Literature Club game.
  • Natsuki cannot be killed in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 2, because she only appears in cutscenes.
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