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なんでやねん *What the fuck*!?

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Neko Onjou *ねこ おんじょう* is a male student at Akademi high, who has no major impact on gameplay but is possible to unlock special cutscenes of the player and him.


Neko has deep brown hair and shiny blue eyes. He also has cat ears that are extremely soft, and are in fact the softest thing he has.

He also has a tail and two stubby but sharp cat teeth, but they’e not included him his portrait.

Most of the time, he is seen with a short sleeve white shirt with a silver bell and shirt black overalls. He wears white shoes and black socks, which you can’t see because they’re hidden in his cute shiny shoes.


Neko has the Tsundere persona, meaning if he witnesses murder, he will slip a quick swear word in his insult of calling you a “fucking monster” and then run home without alerting the cops.

He is hard to warm up to, but once you warm up to him, Neko with be completely different. From being rude and cold, he’ll be a sweetheart! Although he’ll still insult you, but it’ll rarely happen.

Due to how cute he is, he has a decently high reputation, but doesn’t like being called cute, so be careful on what you compliment him with!

He’s very childish and cute in private or when one warms up to him, but acts normal near his normal friends.


Neko’s default reputation is +13:

Liked: +13

Respected: +1

Feared: -100




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  • Normal Students: Sometimes gets attention and gets called “cute” constantly. He knows he’s cute but dislikes being called it because he thinks the word is childish, even though he is childish.
  • Ayano Aishi *Yandere Chan/Player*: Opinion changes what the player does. The player can convince Neko to change from Homosexual to Pansexual, although this won’t be necessary to gameplay and will be very hard to do.


  • Ibika Najimi: Whenever she witnesses Neko, she chases him to pet him. Ibika likes how soft he is, so she is sometimes possessive of Neko. He thinks she’s crazy and is on drugs.


Special Cutscenes

When you befriend him enough and he gets comfortable, you’ll be able to do some pretty cute things with him:


Misc Content

Misc Info:

  • He is 13
  • The reason his name means “cat voice” in English is because, for his first name, he is a cat and, for his last name, he has a cute voice
  • He’d never kill anyone
  • He swears
  • He is LC’s favorite Oc



Voice RP

Video by: 🍌 lenrintwin 🍌 Click me for channel link!

Neko’s portrait *transparent*