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Nemesis also known as, Hanako Yamada is a major character and one of the original students before the massacre at the Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon and the main protagonist in Nightmare Mode of Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3. She is Taro's younger sister.


Taro Yamada's younger sister.

I know you might not recognize her because of her different appearance, but I can tell this girl is Hanako Yamada and currently, she now calls herself "Nemesis".

Ever since her brother's death, she droved into depression and became very solitude and quiet. She's looking for revenge whoever killed her brother.

I know this is going to be concerning for you, but it seems Simon alerted her about what you did in the past. So better also watch out from her and be careful as she will most likely try to harm you. She will sometimes stalk you to investigate of what you're up to.


Nemesis is formerly cheerful, bright, childish and playful. During the massacre at Akademi High, Nemesis was badly injured and wounded in the process of Ayano attacking the school and slaughtered its population, including Senpai. She was very reluctant to get to safety until she finds her brother before leaving but was too late. Her brother, Taro's death, droved her into depression and significantly changed her personality; she became silent, solemn and solitude. She is unable to stop thinking about her brother and never been able to feel happy again. She seems to start to becoming serious and mature that she no longer acts like her old self anymore. Nemesis also became vengeful as she swears whoever is responsible to Taro's death would pay. Ever since her brother's death, she prefers being called 'Nemesis' from now on, instead of being called by her real name, although, she eventually allowed her new friends (such as Simon, Saki, Kokona, Himari, etc.) to call her 'Hanako'.


Nemesis uses the Heroic Loner. As Simon, when a camera is aimed at her, she will give a peace pose with weak smile, but while as Ayano, she will give a suspicious look. Upon seeing and recognizing Ayano being a student before the Akademi High massacre, Nemesis is very suspicious of her so she will sometimes stalk at her to find out what Ayano's up to.


Taro Yamada

Nemesis extremely cares for her brother. She always loves to spend time with Taro. She does not want her brother to have a girlfriend because she thinks she will lose his attention on her that Taro might not want to spend time with her anymore. However, Taro tried to hardly reassure her that it wouldn't be true if he ever got a girlfriend.

At the event of his death, she became broken and sinks into depression. Nemesis never feels happy again and the sadness over the loss of her brother overwhelmed her. She starts to forget to take care of herself due to her focusing on thinking about her brother's death. She slowly drives to anger and swears that she will avenge Taro by making the culprit pay for his death.

Osana, Raibaru and Amai

Nemesis was close friends with Osana, Raibaru and Amai. She also spends time with them, especially, while her brother is really busy. When lonely, the trio often approached her because they want to cheer her up.

Just like her brother's death, Nemesis also felt sad and broken after witnessing Osana, Raibaru and Amai's death by seeing their corpse. She promised them to avenge their deaths as well by seeking revenge on the culprit.

Ayano Aishi

As her previous cute self, Nemesis had once talked with Ayano before. She thinks she's a good person at first.

In the aftermath of Akademi High School massacre, Nemesis does not know that Ayano is the culprit of Taro's death. Eventually, however, one year later, she unexpectedly saw Ayano and recognizes her before, much to her surprise. She shortly ends up overhearing Simon talking to Saki and Kokona about Ayano that made her become suspicious about Ayano. Her suspicions on Ayano confirms when Simon informs her about Ayano's true nature. This makes Nemesis to have grudge towards Ayano now that she knows that she is the responsible for the deaths of Akademi's population, even her brother.

Simon Nakoruru

Nemesis considers Simon as a friend. She had also once talked to him last year.

One year later, she was surprised upon seeing Simon is still alive and being also in her class, assuming that he survived the incident as well. She later learns from him about Ayano's true colors and his two close friend being also alive.

Nemesis realizes that Simon is a key to her in knowing the truth behind the massacre but was hesitant to talk to him at first. Although, Nemesis isn't really certain of Simon's claims yet but would eventually find it as a truth.

Yamara Aishi

Coming soon.


— When Simon talks to her.
See ya around.
— When Simon exits the conversation.
Um, excuse me...? Do you have a moment?
— Nemesis calling Simon who was going to his club.


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