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Noriko Tsukamoto is an OC attending Yamano Highschool. Owned by Jaredof/Dakuni.


Noriko has brown hair, tied in two big ponytails reaching her hips with two red scrunchies. She has dark blue eyes, pink cheeks and smiles most of the time.

She wears the default uniform with brown knee-high stocks, and carries a pen in her skirt pocket. She has a fairly petite stature.

(Base by KawaiCats, hair by The Almighty Snazzdere.)


Since she has the Social Butterfly persona, if she notices a corpse or a murder she will run to a crowded area and calls the police. She will strike a cute pose if a camera is aimed at her.

Noriko is known as a very determined and confident girl, always trying her best to reach her goals and not afraid to speak her mind. Despite this she's very caring with the ones she likes.


She was raised in a large family, having 4 siblings, she was the youngest of them. Her parents were working very hard to try to keep feeding their family, and they were models to the young Noriko. Her dad was a journalist for the local newspaper and would often go around town to interview peoples, and she will accompany him as much as possible.

Before turning 12, she already knew whar she wanted to do later, and decided to work as a journalist. She was the only child of her family to still be present at her parent's house since she was the youngest, but she wasn't slacking off at all. In middle school she met her current boyfriend, Shuichi Fukada, with who she's still with to this day.

The two of them graduated middle school together and went to Yamano Highschool without any real problems, they were both quite great students. There, her boyfriend joined the Sports Club and the swimming team, while she joined the school newspaper. It's here where she met with Akira Akiyama, the club leader. He quickly accepted her and even promoted her to the vice-president position, position she gladly took and still fulfill to this day.

Now, she can be seen wandering around school, asking students about various topics or currents events, exactly like her father used to do, and this young woman is appreciated by her peers.


  • Shuichi Fukada : They met in middle school, and despite their differences became close rather quickly, and within the span of a few weeks became lovers. Their love is still lasting to this day, and she visits him at the school pool after she's done with her own club work.
  • Akira Amiyama : He's the club leader and a fellow mystery lover, but she's not as much into the thing as him. They consider each other as good friends but don't hang out together out of school.


Do you have time for a few questions ?
— Interviewing a student.