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Oka Ruto is the fourth rival of Yandere Simulator and is the president of the Occult Club. She is currently not implemented into the game, and so is not present in the school but she can be seen as a normal NPC in the town. As of the October 10th, 2021 build, she can no longer be seen in town.


"Oka is the president of the school's occult club. She is completely convinced that ghosts, demons, and black magic really exist, and wants to dedicate her life to proving that these things are real.

Oka is absent for school during the first three weeks of gameplay for mysterious reasons. As soon as she returns to school, she is immediately smitten by Senpai. Due to the fact that she falls for him in an extremely short span of time, she believes that there must be something supernatural about him, and begins studying him intently.

She is an awkward girl who is regarded as "creepy" by the majority of the school, but she is actually quite harmless, and some people even find her to be endearing. Perhaps Senpai will think that there is something charming about her unusual nature..."


Oka has messy, dark blue hair that reaches her shoulders. A long strand of hair sweeps to the right side of her face. Her eyes are a mauve purple. There is a shadow on the top half of her face, as well as dark eye-circles. She wears the default school uniform unless customized by the player, with spider web stockings and long fingerless gloves. Like all other Occult Club members, she wears a choker, but instead of a moon, hers has a spider pendant. If the Occult Club disbands, she will no longer wear the choker.


Oka is a Coward. If a camera is pointed at her, she will hide her face. If she witnesses murder, she will beg the player to spare her in exchange for her silence. If she is spared, she will run home, but will not call the police.


Taro Yamada

She has a crush on him.


Yandere-chan and Oka are rivals in the game.

Sakyu Basu and Inkyu Basu

Oka stalks the two in the morning, as she is certain that the two are of the supernatural kind. However, if they are dead or "missing", she will stand in the Occult Club instead. Though she has no proof, she firmly believes that Sakyu is a succubus, and Inkyu is a vampire.


  • Her name is a pun on the Japanese word for occult, referencing that she is the leader of the Occult Club.
  • Oka is described by YandereDev as a mix between the Hex Maniac from Pokémon X & Y, Tharja from Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Tomoko Kuroki from WataMote.
  • YandereDev thinks Oka is the cutest rival.
  • She was removed in the August 18th, 2018 build. Shin Higaku is substituting for her as the Occult Club leader until she returns.
  • She is likely the shortest rival.
  • She is YandereDev's favorite club leader.
  • Oka has played Corpse Party before.
  • She won't clean the east girls' bathroom due to rumors of it being haunted.


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