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'WARNING!' This OC belongs to Melody76! You can correct the typos, but don't change anything else without her permission! English is not the author's native language, please take this into account and correct any typos / grammatical mistakes!

Olympia Shikichi - seventeen-years-old Akademi High School Student, Self-OC made by Melody76 to Ptysia112 fanon.


Olympia has short blue hair and green eyes. She usually wears a black hoodie with her uniform. Olympia is one of the lower students in the school, which she doesn't seem happy about. She wears black glasses and coloured patches because she constantly does something to herself.


Olympia is Phone addict persona. That means if she were to witness a murder or see a corpse, she will run to the largest group in school and call the police. She will not participate in any physical fights against murderers. When we try to take a picture of her, she will cover her face with her hand.


She doesn't talk much about her life, but it is known that her parents are divorced and that her mother has married another man. There are rumours that she was bullied in her previous school, and she tries to avoid people.



She has a good relation with her mother and step-father.


— When Ayano complimented her
Poor thing, you don't have life?
— When Ayano gossiping about other student
It's okey... I think...
— When Ayano apolozing her


  • She really love fast food.
  • Her favorite movie is "Seven" and "Ghost Stories".
  • Her favorite game is "Cookie Run" and "The Sims 4".
  • Her favorite anime is "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba".
  • She hates bugs.
  • Sometimes she use Jojo references.