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Osana Najimi is a fanon student that attends Nakamura High.


Osana has bright orange hair tied into long twin tails held by two persimmon-colored polka dot scrunchies. Her hair covers her eyes and she wears a small red ribbon her head that Hanako made for her. Osana's bust size is 1.5 and she has amber-colored eyes. Her lips are a pale pink.


Osana is a Social Butterfly and Tsundere. She will do a cute pose at the camera since she is a Social Butterfly, but she will act harsh towards her crush since she is a tsundere.


At 7 AM, Osana will arrive at school with Hanako Yamada, Taro Yamada, and Taeko Yamada. She will go to the rooftop and cuddle with Hanako.

At 8 AM, Osana will go to Class 2-1.

At 1 PM, Osana and Hanako will eat lunch together with Taeko sitting nearby.

At 1:24 PM, Osana will go back to class.

At 3:30 PM, Osana will participate in cleaning time.

At 4 PM, Osana and Hanako will cuddle.

At 5 PM, Osana will change shoes and go home.


Osana is the childhood friend of Taeko and Hanako. She fell in love with Hanako after a few years and now they are dating.


Hanako Yamada


Taro Yamada

Kind Of Future Brother-In-Law, but not really since he is the cloned male version of Taeko.

Taeko Yamada

Future Sister-In-Law

Ayano Aishi

Osana does not know who she is. She just knows that she spies on Taeko and her (her is Osana).


"Hm? Do I know you? Oh, well, I lost my cat necklace somewhere in the hedge maze. Is there any way you could retrieve it?"- Task

"I don't blame you. It's really scary in there!"- Rejecting task

"Really?! You're a lot braver than I am!"- Accepting task

"Woah! You actually did it!"- Completing task


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