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Otohiko Meichi is a canon student in Yandere Simulator.


Otohiko has shoulder-length, wavy pale pink hair, along with pink eyes. He also wears what appears to be light pink lip-gloss. He wears the default uniform unless customized by the player.


Otohiko is a Coward. If a camera is pointed at him, he will hide his face. If he witnesses murder, he will beg to be spared in exchange for his silence. If he is spared, he will run home, but he will not call the police.

According to his profile, he is sometimes ridiculed for his unusually feminine mannerisms. Otohiko is also known to be very clumsy.


  • Otohiko was added on January 15, 2019 build.
  • While he is on the ground from tripping, the player can choose to close the gates and crush his head.
    • YandereDev says that closing the gate on his head may be a new elimination method for a rival however, it's currently just an Easter Egg.
  • The first part of his name, 'oto', means reputation, 'hiko' means man, and 'meichi' means wise.
  • The texture of his face is basically female students' texture.
  • There is a possibility that he could be Muja Kina's suitor.