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This OC is created by Ant

Peter Kambanski is an exchange student from Bulgaria .


He Has an black ponytail getting blue . His left is eye is Cyan , and his right eye is Green .


He is an Heroic ,and that means , that if he sees yander -chan killing someone , he will stop her .


Canon Characters

Budo Matsuda : His best friend . Peter is the same level strong as Budo

Shima Shita : They are only fighting in the club .

Mina Rai : His first crush .

Juku Ren : They are friend since kidergarden .

My OC's

Mokoto Kototo : His Second crush . He doesnt thing that she will accept his love confesion .

Yukiteru Ko : His rival . He hates him because they both share fellings with Mokoto

Mok Kototo : He thing him for a friend , but Mok doesnt thing so .

Other People OC's

Shin Akamaru : They are friend , but Peter hates that Shin haves an Crush on Mokoto .




  • He is an big fan of Undertale
  • He likes Sims 3
  • He is an fan of an Indie Game called : Yandere Simulator
  • He loves MInecraft , and he always plays it with Mods
  • Since the creator is bussy he will use this pic for the infobox