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Placeholder Club Leaders, also known as Fake Club Leaders in the game's credits, are canon characters in Yandere Simulator. They are currently just placeholders for club presidents that have not been yet added to the game, and exist solely so the player can join their clubs and test out their mechanics and benefits before the true leaders are implemented.


Placeholder Club Leaders have grey hair with fringes that go past their eyes and nose, hiding their face entirely except for the mouth. They have pale grey skin. They wear a monochrome version of the default female uniform regardless of customization, and a "red armband of leadership" on their left arm. They wear knee-high white socks with black loafers, but it is difficult to notice due to their skin color. They also seem to be entirely female, as they wear a female uniform, speak in a female voice (a robotic one, mind you, but a female one nonetheless), and have bust size 1.


Placeholder Club Leaders seem to be flat, monotone and emotionless. They don't react to murder, screams or suspicious behavior, which may be due to their eyes and ears being covered fully by their hair or they're simply just robotic ghosts. This may also be the reason Info-chan does not recognize pictures of their faces (or lack there of). However, this would be odd if that is the case, as when the player speaks to them they seem fully able to hear what they say, as they turn in their direction upon interaction and respond to what the player chooses.


Join club?
You have joined the club.
Too late.
Too early.
Quit club?
You have left the club.
You cannot re-join a club.
You are already in a club.
You are not welcome here.
Beginning club activity.


  • When Placeholder Club Leaders speak, they have an echo in their voices.
  • Under their hair, their eyes are black and empty. This can be seen by using Yandere-chan's phone and walking very close to them.
  • Despite not having emotions, their tone of voice changes depending on what interaction you select and is not 100% emotionless (eg. sounding mildly disappointed when leaving the club).
  • They could possibly be the same beings as the Empty Demon(s), a demonic entity the player can summon via a ritual. They have very similar appearances and the same voice.