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Puroguramaa Koodo *プログラマー コード* is a student who currently attends Akademi High, but formerly attended Codestar Academy.


Puro has black, shiny hair in a side ponytail, cold purple eyes, and a purple eyepiece. She is blushing.

Her bust size is .6 and her panties are a cold purple.


Puro has the Loner persona, meaning if she sees a corpse, she’ll hold hands with her robotic brother replica and run home, but will not call the police.

She does not like discussing family matters because of her backstory and she isolates away from most people aside from class time.


For her brother’s side of the story, see Sadao Koodo.

When Puro was born, her mother died from giving birth to her, so her early childhood was her brother, her father and herself. She would usually ask where her mother was, but her father would refuse. Eventually, her father couldn’t keep quiet anymore so he told Puro that her mother was dead from giving birth to her. She would cry almost everyday and blame herself for her mother’s death.

In Codestar Academy, when she was in 7th grade, a robot someone made malfunctioned and caused a huge fire, burning her entire school down to the ground. Puro looked all around for her brother. She couldn’t find him, but left the school, running home, in tears. When she walked in her father’s room, Puro realized her father committed suicide, and cried even harder. She later heard on tv that she was the only survivor of her school.

She later attended Akademi and joined the Science club for a year before quitting to grow independent from everyone. Puro then built an exact robotic replica of her brother to spend time with. Now she spends almost all her time with him.


  • She is vegan
  • She hates any kind of murder because of what happened to her family
  • She has only two friends, as she counts her robotic brother replica a family member and not a friend
  • She is very independent and smart
  • She has an IQ of 160
  • She reads manga