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REDHUU™-sama is THELEGENDGIANTDAD and CherryGlazie's shared OC. They are the spokesperson for REDHUU™.


REDHUU™-sama wears their hair in pigtails, held up with bright red bows. They have brown button eyes and a "peanut butter smile" and a goatee. They wear the default female school uniform, but bright red instead of blue. They have matching red striped thigh-highs.


REDHUU™-sama is cheerful and loud. Being the spokesperson of REDHUU™, they are almost always advertising this amazing concoction. On Fridays, they hand out REDHUU™ merchandise, like key chains and buttons. They have no concept of "indoor voice", so they usually never speak in class.


REDHUU™-sama has a unique reaction to murder; if they witness murder, they'll chase down the murderer and call the police. Once the police arrives, they will find the victim and perform the "REDHUU™ funeral". If they don't see a murderer, but see a corpse, they will just call the police and perform the REDHUU™ funeral. If they see a pool of blood, they will not react, as they just assume it is a pool of REDHUU™.

REDHUU™ funeral

If REDHUU™-sama sees a corpse, They'll perform the REDHUU™ funeral. In the REDHUU™ funeral, REDHUU™-sama will light official REDHUU™ scented candles and pour a can of REDHUU™ over their dead body while singing the REDHUU™ anthem then cover them with a REDHUU™ blanket.


REDHUU™-sama was hired by a 12 year old and a 14 year old to be the REDHUU™ spokesperson. When word spread that a vending machine was added to Akademi's school grounds, REDHUU™-sama went to spread the joy of REDHUU™. Despite being born a male, REDHUU™-sama does not identify as any gender and prefers the pronouns they/them/their.



Butthurtsie is REDHUU™-sama's sister. REDHUU™-sama cares about Butthurtsie despite the fact that she suuuuuuuucks. Butthurtsie, while Butthurt about her sibling, does care about REDHUU™-sama in her own way. Blood is thicker than everything, after all - especially when it dries and you have to scrape it off the walls.


REDHUU™-sama and Wong have partnered up and created REDHUU™ flavored Wong's Tasty Treats, as well as Wong's Tasty Treats flavored REDHUU™.