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Raibaru Fumetsu was one of the original students before the incident at the Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon and one of the three deuteragonists in Nightmare Mode of Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode. She was Osana's closest friend.


Osana Najimi's best and closest friend. The two of them spend all of their time with one another. This girl was also the leader of the Martial Arts Club last year but she ended up retiring from that club and handed the role to Budo Masuta when she somehow lost to him. Don't try to get on her bad side because you won't be able to defeat her in a fight... unless you resort to underhanded methods.

It's very worth to say that you somehow gained a incredible strength enough to take this girl out. Must say, good job how you eliminated her.


Raibaru has pale yellow-toned skin, flushed cheeks, orange-amber eyes, and a soft smile. Her bright orange hair is worn in two slightly curled pigtails. Her bust size is 1.5.

It depends on the player of what type of school uniform Raibaru wears. To keep her hair up, she wears ruffled pink and white polka-dotted scrunchies and a purple ribbon. She also wears black shoes with white loose socks.


Raibaru may appear to be serene, cute, and girly, but she is actually tough, scary, and brutal around enemies. She is only sociable and open to Osana, so even befriended and seduced students would refuse to distract her (which involves asking an embarrassing question) since they don't want to get on her bad side as everyone knows that she has an invincible strength and can beat almost everyone. Because her friendship with Osana is so strong, she will refuse to talk to others and ignore auditory distractions such as giggling (but not laughing insanely) and the radio when hanging out with her so as to avoid ignoring her.


Raibaru had the Protective persona. She does not show any reaction if Ayano aims the camera at her. If she witnesses murder, she will angrily run towards the culprit and apprehend them with no struggle or run away from school with Osana when seeing a corpse.


Story Mode

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SNAP Mode (Nightmare Mode)

Raibaru and Osana were injured after they were ambushed by the mysterious Clown as they tried to escape him, but they seemingly managed to lose him on them. When reaching to the Headmaster's office, the Clown will once again manage to find them there and prepares to attack them. Raibaru orders Osana to get inside the office but Osana is very hesitant to this and doesn't want to leave her best friend behind. Raibaru insists her to go and she will take care of the Clown, much to Osana's dismay but reluctantly does so. The fight between the Clown will begin, however; no matter if the player defeats the Clown or not, Raibaru will die at his hands, much to Osana's horror. If Raibaru wins, she seemingly defeated the Clown that appears unconscious but unfortunately, he made a surprising attack by restraning Raibaru and holds her tightly. She desperately tries to break free but to no avail. To her horror, the Clown proceeds her to devour her and is unable to scream. If Raibaru loses, she appears very weakened and her injury becomes worse. She tries to stand up but her pain prevents her to do so. The Clown restrains her on the ground and proceeds to devour her.


Osana Najimi

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The Clown

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