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Ramori Kamanaki is a character and an employee at the Buraza Town's Maid Cafe in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She is later revealed to be Okubyona's friend when she finds out that Simon knows their secret. She is also Okubyona's neighbor who lives near her house.


An employee who works at the Buraza Town's Maid Cafe. Okubyona's friend and only person whom could rely on. Due to living with her only mother and has illness, this girl was forced to have a job at the Maid Cafe to raise a money to help her family. She is Okubyona's neighbor who lives at near her house.

It's safe to say that she has a same situation as Okubyona. If you can send me a picture of her working at the Cafe since she didn't have a work permit as well, I'll reward you 100 info points for that so I could blackmail her. However, I must warn you that she can fight; if sees you a threat to her or her friend, she'll try to beat you in fight.


Ramori wears a maid outfit since she works at the Maid Cafe. She is slender, has green eyes and green hair with two pigtails. Unlike most of other characters (except Ayano), she has a realistic nose.


Ramori appears to be very distrustful of people she doesn't know since when she finds out that Simon knows that her friend secretly works at Maid Cafe, she strongly fears that he might report her for having a job without work permit. Despite this, she is friendly, helpful and caring. Ramori is also tough that she will also fight someone if she sees them a threat to her or Okubyona, later also Simon. This shows that she is protective to her friends as she does not want them to get harmed. It's most likely that Ramori had previously learned the martial arts before.


Okubyona Meido

Ramori is friends with Okubyona since they first met each other at Buraza Town's Maid Cafe. She always want to help her when she feels overwhelmed by her problems. As Ramori and Okubyona both share a same situation about money problems and family issues, they promised each other to keep their secrets about having a job without work permit unrevealed as it would get both of them into trouble.

Her mother

Coming soon.

Simon Nakoruru

Ramori does not trust him at first and seemed ready to fight him without making him aware about it but eventually did trust him when Okubyona proved that Simon is trustworthy of keeping their secret. She is amazed to learn that Simon is the main popular figure of their school. Seeing how also helpful is, Ramori may ask him for help for her problems that she might not able to solve.

Delinquent Gang

Ramori had met the gang before since they first met her when she was passing by, going to her home. The delinquents tried to attack her for ignoring them when they were talking to her arrogantly but Ramori defeated them. They constantly keep causing trouble at her but no matter how many times they tried, they always lose to her.

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