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Riesen Vater is Chariotdude & THELEGENDGIANTDAD's OC.


Riesen Vater is an exchange student from Germany and a 3rd year at Akademi High. When he first arrived in his second year of High School, he was overly energetic, hot headed, and generally too full of himself to think too much about others. However, over the past year, he has calmed down considerably (He is still overtly hyper compared to the average high schooler) and almost entirely lost his more self-centered attitude.

Near the start of his 3rd year, Riesen joined the Kendo team. He quickly became known as its worst player, as he sloppily swung his Shinai around like a great sword. While a lot of people laugh at him for this, he professes that his style is what will eventually make him the worlds greatest swordsman.

He has never won a match.


Riesen Vater's appearance is mostly unknown due to his mask, however it is known to hide something that happened to him that disfigured him. He wears the default male school uniform along with his mask.


Riesen Vater is easily angered, and rarely shows respect- yet he is good at heart and cherishes his friends. He however has a sense of morality and is willing to do things to protect others.


Riesen Vater likes drawing, straws, Doritos, straws, french fries, straws, and the color pink. He's been known to dabble in the 'straw' area as well.


Riesen has a strong distaste for people's knees.



Gun-Chan is Riesen's best friend. They bonded after Gun-Chan found out that Riesen had never played a Metal Gear game aside from Rising and Marathoned 1-3 with him. He bought 4 for them to play after he found out she never got a chance to play it due to her not owning a PS3. Riesen started to Develop a crush on her after she fell asleep on his shoulder whilst they rode a bus to a convention. He is unaware the crush is mutual.


Riesen used to have a crush on Info-Chan. The reason that he liked her is because he had heard rumors about her, and how she has a lot of information on the students at school. He found this knowledge endearing, and thought she can help confirm some conspiracies he has.

Riesige Mutter

Riesige is Riesen Vater from another universe. They think of each other as siblings, and call each other such.


  • Riesen is Bisexual.
  • Riesen's relationship with Riesige is a reference to the Lutece Twins from Bioshock Infinite.
  • Riesen used to be a conspiracy theorist, and would stop at nothing to "reveal the truth." However, most, if not all, of his conspiracies ended up untrue. He strongly believed that Amashi Nijiro and Shin Nijiro were the same person from different universes.