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made by user AbbyPlaysz


Rona has brown hair with a ponytail on the left along with brown eyes. She has the default school uniform unless changed by player. Has grey stockings with grey panties.


Rona Toshokan spawns in front of the school and enters to change her shoes. She then patrols the hallway to find a hobby. After she goes to class. She goes to the roof to eat lunch and then goes back to class. After that she will go and clean the school and then exit shortly after.


Rona has the loner persona. Whenever she sees a corpse she will run out of the school and call the cops.

Additional Information

The newest student to Akademi High. Patrols the halls to see if she can find a hobby she likes.

Fun Facts

  • Appears in an upcoming mod AbbyPlaysz (Me) is making
  • Has the "scholarly" walking and idle animations
  • This character was teased in a post by AbbyPlaysz