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One year after Ijimi Garu brutally murdered the six girls who bullied her, Rosemary Gakko decides to move to a new school. Her parents didn't want Rosemary to be in such an unsafe environment and left. They moved into a small town by the name of Sadoki and enrolled Rosemary in Kayami Academy. Rosemary is gonna have the time of her life, she thinks. A few days after school starts, Rosemary starts to feel watched. Rosemary tries to explain her feelings to the councilor but she is ignored and sent on her way. Then the worst starts to happen. One by one, the schools students begin to disappear and are reported dead exactly 48 hours after their disappearance. Can Rosemary save her friends and family from harms way? Will Rosemary stop the killer? Will Rosemary fight to the death to save her school? You choose, in the all new Hiwata no Nadoko spin-off.


Many new gameplay mechanics will be featured in this mod to make the school environment more immersive. The mod will take place for two weeks and have many new features, such as a fully working dialogue menu and a butterfly effect system. This mod took heavy inspiration from Hiwata no Nadoko and Life is Strange. Another cool feature that will be included are multiple endings, your actions will effect gameplay consequences. Many small details will be added to give a "feel good" emotion to the players and the mod will receive frequent updates to fix bugs and add more content. Also, I am DWO! I work for Hiwata no Nadoko so this is obviously not a copy!!


Volunteers are defiantly needed for this mod! Here is a list of needed volunteers:



Voice Actors




Cutscene Makers

Portrait Makers

JSON editors

To volunteer contact me through Discord:

DWO (I'm dank asf)#4145