Yandere Simulator Fanon Wikia

Ryoko Inoue is a OC created by WPMasterGangGang.


Ryoko has short dark blue hair, dark purple eyes & light skin. She wears gold hoop earrings, white shirt with a black jacket on top.


Ryoko is Strict. If a camera is pointed at her, she will give a suspicious look. If she witnesses murder, she will apprehend the player.


Hokuto Mizushima 

He is the husband of Ryoko.

Rumiko, Takayo & Shiori

They are daughters with her.

Setsuo & Yuichi

They are sons with her.


Ryoko likes to do skateboard when she was a teenager back in 1992. She do tricks in the abandoned garage with skate ramps.


In September 7, 2018 Ryoko is shot dead in Akademi High School. Two rival gangs tresspassed the Faculty Room and took some book in the shelf, then got away and drove in a white right hand drive 2005 Nissan Interstar cargo van with free candy writen on both sides of the van. His funeral is held on September 18. Ayano AishiAsuka AishiTaro Yamada & Hanako Yamada visited Ryoko's funeral. On September 23 She was buried in Okunoin Cemetery.


  • Ryoichi is a Akademi High School teacher.