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Sadao Koodo *さだを コード* is a student who used to attend Codestar Academy but now, as a robotic replica, attends Akademi High.


Sadao was made to look like himself when he was alive as an actual person. He has shaggy black hair and grey eyes. He is blushing.

His blood type is AB- even though it’s fake, because Puroguramaa Koodo wanted the replica to be exactly like her brother.


Since this is a robotic replica of Sadao when he was human, he has the Robot persona, meaning he will not react to anything. When he sees a corpse, he will stare at it but if Puroguramaa Koodo, his sister, also witnesses the corpse, Puro with grab his hand and run out of school.

He can‘t feel emotions. He calls his sister his master. He spends most of his time with Puro because she created him. He can’t have his own opinions, but he just agrees with whatever his sister says.


For a full family backstory, see Puro’s backstory.

When his mother died, Sadao was stuck in her belly and was already starting to develop. So the doctors cut open his mother, pulled him out and put him in an incubator until he could breathe. After Sadao fully developed and was alive, he was taken home.

When Codestar Academy started to burn, he couldn’t find an exit, so Sadao sacrificed himself for his sister as Puro escaped.

After his sister left the Science Club, he was being built for two months before January 4, the day when he was born as a human, and released as a robot. He spends all his time with Puro.


  • Despite being created before Puro’s second year, he is forever a first year.
  • He protects his sister dearly.
  • No matter what uniform the player chooses, his uniform will always have shorts and a short sleeve shirt.
  • Only his sister and himself know he’s a robot.
  • Since he is a robot, he can’t feel love.