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Sagi is a greedy person, he use to be intelligent until he started selling overpriced donuts for $18 (1172.90 yen in Japanese money).


Sagi recently got moved to Akademi High, in elementary school, Sagi and his friends started selling donuts, Sagi took it too far and sold donuts for 1172.90 yen


"thanks, would you like to buy a donut from me!"

When complimented.

"you must be tired, why don't you buy a donut from me"

when he sees you committing a murder.

"what'd you do with yourself, buy a donut from me, it'll make you feel better"

when he sees you stained in blood

"uhmmm yeah no.."

when he sees a corpse. 

"hey mind buying a donut from me since you're gonna do some heavy buisness"

if he sees you wielding a knife.

"he min