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Saisho Saikou is a supporting antagonist in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. He is the founder and former CEO of Saikou Corp and responsible for building Akademi High School.


This man is a rich and powerful founder of Saikou Corp, a multinational corporation that has a monopoly over many industries in our world.

There is something interests me about this man and his daughter...


Saisho is extremely strict and quick-tempered. He does not always tolerate any kind of failure in front of him, especially his daughter and would not hesistate to bring pain on them. He is likely a selfish person because his daughter can clearly see that he actually only cares about money and his company more than their family. Everytime when he is angered by anyone, he becomes foul-mouthed and worsens more his temper, which calmly annoys his daughter.


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Saisho's daughter

Saisho seemingly cares for his daughter and built Akademi High for her to have "perfect, ideal high school life" at first. However, she eventually later learns that it was actually a part of her intense training, to her dismay.

After her graduation, the daughter finally confessed to her father that she has really no interest on inheriting the company and instead wants to leave Japan to travel the world. Saisho is outraged to this and he starts yelling at his daughter about he had put a lot of time and money into her training. Saisho's daughter was really calm, stands her ground bravely and openly confronts him about how he seriously only cared about money and his precious company more than their family. Her words increases his anger more. Just as she was about to leave, Saisho angrily threatens his daughter to disown her if she dares to leave, but she bluffed at him "Then, go ahead, do it. I'm your daughter or not, I'm been able take care of myself for a long time more than you know. See you former father" then finally leaves.

Completely defeated by his daughter, he cluntches his fist in anger and punched the wall aggressively. It is mostly possible that Saisho will swear revenge on his daughter for defying him.

Ichirou Saikou

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Megami Saikou

After what happened with his daughter, Saisho was really distrustful to Megami because he fears that she will also reject on inheriting the company, like her daughter did. But Megami was unlike his daughter, she swears to prove him that she will inherit the company once she graduates and his son retires.

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