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Saki Miyu is the deuteragonist and one of the original students before the incident at the Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She also serves as the main protagonist in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode and Yandere Simulator: Shadow Mysteries. She is Kokona's close friend and Simon's love interest. She is currently the vice president of the Cooking Club.


She loves sweets, candy, and desserts. Never gets fat, no matter how much junk food she eats. She is Kokona's best and close friend and closest confidant. Kokona usually discuss personal matters with this girl.

This girl has a crush on Simon Nakoruru and also has a feelings for him. She gets nervous and blushes when she is near at him.

Currently, since this girl knows your true nature, better also watch out from her. You won't be able to dispose her because she's gonna avoid you around and if she sees you committing a crime, she'll run and report to Simon about what you're doing.


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Saki looking at the camera suspiciously.

Saki uses the Social Butterfly persona. In Original Mode, she will strike a cute pose if Ayano aims the camera at her. In Future Mode, she will give a suspicious look now that she knows Ayano's true nature. If she witnesses Ayano commit murder, Saki will run and report to Simon about it. She cannot participate any physical confrontations against murderers unless she sees Ayano killing her friends. Like Simon and Kokona, Ayano cannot interact with her because Saki will only avoid her and refuse to talk to her. If she sees Ayano holding a weapon, she will briskly walk away from her.

As Simon, Saki will strike a cute pose when he aims a camera on her. He is able to interact with her since Simon is her friend and mainly her love interest. When interacting with her, Saki will be sometimes nervous to talk to Simon due to her love for him. As Simon is her crush, Saki will sometimes follow him around.


At the end of 9th week, Saki will be kidnapped by Yamara. About to leave the school, Simon and the other Rainbow Six girls will start to notice Saki's sudden disappearance and they become worried, especially Simon. Simon tells them not to worry that he'll find her and they thanked him. Simon has 10 minutes to find Saki. At this state, Saki's fate will be affected.

Successfully finding Saki on time

If Simon finds Saki early or on time, she will be seen being restrained by Yamara, begging her love interest for help. After confronting her, Yamara will let Saki go but with knocking her unconscious and the fight will begin.

Failure to find Saki on time

If the timer runs out, Simon will be too late to save Saki. Yamara proceeds to burn Saki to death and then brutally decapitates her. She is found dead where Yamara is around, making Simon feel horrified, heartbroken and driven to rage for killing his love interest and the fight will begin.


Kokona Haruka

Kokona is Saki's close friend for a long time. She always spends time with her while class is not in session. She would go ask help from her when she's in trouble but most of the time, she feels too shy to do so.

Simon Nakoruru

Simon is Saki's love interest and boyfriend.

Along with Kokona, Saki first met Simon when she saw him feeling lonely, sitting on the bench. She befriended him and quickly became friends with him. Saki soon began to have a crush on him and has a strong feelings for him. She would sometimes stalk at him. They had confessed their love, last year and accepted each other, starting their romantic relationship.

If Saki dies, this will cause Simon to sink into depression and his sanity greatly decreases but will increase moderately as Himari will comfort him.

Yui Rio

Along with Kokona, Saki used to have a negative relationship with Yui due to her pranks and constantly finds most of her jokes very annoying and bothering her badly when Yui tried to be funny. While in this case, Saki often ignores Yui when she tries to talk to her. Her pranks then soon caused their friendship to be destroyed, but eventually later it was restored, thanks to Yui apologizing to her and Kokona.

Koharu Hinata

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Mei Mio

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Yuna Hina

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Okubyona Meido

Okubyuna is Saki's current clubmate and is close with her at Cooking Club. She is aware of her being overwhelmed by her anxiety. She often supports Okubyona to overcome her anxiety.

If there was competition that relate to Cooking Club and requiring the contestants to have partners in a cooking contest with Saki and Okubyona being qualified in this, she would choose Okubyona as her partner.



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