Sakura Najimi

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Sakura Najimi is mother of Osana Najimi, Natsuko Najimi & Tarou Najimi.


Sakura has green hair & black eyes. She wears a kiwi green t-shirt, beige coat, black pants & black sandles.


Sakura will send Ayano Aishi to the guidance counselor if she is caught misbehaving. Sakura will be reported of murder by Teacher's Pets. If she sees a corpse, Sakura will call the police and then guard the corpse until the police arrive. Sakura will give the player a suspicious look if she tries to take a picture of them. If she murders a student in front of Sakura, she will chase and restrain Ayano Aishi. Friendly But Strict is essentially the same, but Sakura react to the camera differently.


Kenji Najimi

She has a crush on her.

Osana & Natsuko Najimi

They are daughter with her.

Tarou Najimi

He is the son of her.

Terris Bruce

He is the son-in-law of her.

Other characters

Still likes everyone including other teachers.


Sakura likes to hang out with Terris's dad De-Angelo Bruce during breaktime & lunchtime. She had a crush on Kenji Najimi during classtime. She ate bento for lunch in Akademi High School.


On September 7, 2018 Sakura Najimi has shoted by Devontae Harris after she expell on Devontae. In the hospital on the 3rd floor she was found dead. On September 12 Osana Najimi, Natsuko Najimi, Tarou Najimi, Genta Nakahara, Masako Oshiro & Terris Bruce visted the funeral of Sakura Najimi. On September 20 Sakura Najimi is buried in Kyoto Cemetery Park.


  • Sakura is a teacher in Akademi High School
  • Sakura is Osana, Natsuko & Tarou's mother.
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