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Sara Asahi is a 2nd-year student who attends Irokai Academy in DeepestSeas' fanon. She's the protagonist figure and the story of Seas' fanon revolves around her and is told from her perspective.


Asahi-san has light skin, teal eyes, and medium-length blonde hair. She's around 5'3 in feet and her weight is undetermined. Her hair goes to around her shoulders, with multiple bangs swept to the right and streaks of her hair curling inwards.

Sara wears the Irokai Academy uniform, which is a high collared white blouse worn under a yellow vest and red bow, with a tan skirt lined with maroon and brown shoes.

Outside of school, she will wear a white dress with a yellow cardigan, white socks, and yellow tied sneakers.


Sara Asahi has the fanon persona ’Mature’, therefore she is likely to be seen first in the line to school and in her classroom since Mature students are known for their perfect attendance.

How she reacts to a camera will depend on the player's reputation. If the player has a high reputation, Sara will look at the camera with no worry, but she won't pose. If the player has a low reputation, she will turn her head away to hide her face.

If Sara Asahi discovers a corpse, the two possible reactions are that she will run to the nearest adult and tell them of her discovery, or run away to a safe spot (whether in a populated place or out the school) and contact the authorities.

If she witnesses a murder, Sara will act as a heroic personality, as she’ll chase to the character and apprehend them, or will fight them first if they have a weapon.


Sara’s default reputation would be +50.

Liked: 45

Respected: 40

Feared: 10



At 6:59 am, Sara will approach the school gates and walkthrough. At 7:03 am, she will go to her locker and change from her indoor shoes to her outdoor shoes. At 7:12 am Sara goes to the library and browses books.

At 7:55 am, Sara Asahi walks to her classroom and sits down early. She will play on her phone until 8:30 am when her morning classes will start. Sara leaves her classroom at 1:00 pm and goes to the rooftop to eat her bento nearby Taro Yamada and Osana Najimi (if she has not been eliminated).

Sara walks back to the 2-2 classroom at 1:30 pm and finishes classes for the day. She will partake in cleaning time between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm - she then goes to the rooftop and patrols the rooftop until the end of the day.


When Sara Asahi was younger, she was a normal cute baby with the potential to become anything she wanted to, just like any other.

Sara grew up a relatively normal child, however, she began to exhibit prestigious behavior at the age of 7 and had the ability to complete a college entrance exam at 11. At the age of 15-16, she was accepted into Irokai Academy, where she currently attends.


Bell´Dan > Base

Crabby Meal > Hair

Eyes > Akuna Natsume