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Sasha Nyuki (real name, Sashta 'Marise' Nyuki) is one of the non-canon female students that attend Akademi High, she is featured in such mods.



Sasha Nyuki wears the Sailor Moon Uniform, however the only difference is that her ribbon is neon-yellow instead of its original color, she also wears boxed panties and wears plain white long-kneed stockings.

She has long twin-tails similar to Osana Najimi wearing neon yellow scrunchies to keep her hair up.



Sasha Nyuki giving a suspicious pose to the camera.

Sasha Nyuki uses the Protective Persona, but she doesn't use all of Raibaru Fumetsu's programming. She will give the player a suspicious pose, if this is done enough times, she will get irritated by the player causing a reputation penalty. If she witnesses Yandere-chan murdering an NPC in front of her, she will be shocked, then she apprehends the player with no struggle.


Sasha Nyuki is quite calm at times and hardly interacts with people she doesn't know, she will only be around people she knows.


Ashley Dachi

Sasha Nyuki's long-time best friend is Ashley Dachi she often gives advice on how she can get with Hazu, they both dislike Aryiku Mafu and Robotic-Nemesis.

Aryiku Mafu

They are both Rivals. They don't have a very good relationship with eachother, Aryiku uses her ally Robotic-Nemesis to prevent her from creating a bond with Hazu, which did fail.


Nem threatens Nyuki, making them both enemies for sure.

Hazu Kashibuchi

He is Sasha's love obsession, when she gets near him she instantly loses control of herself.

A few weeks after meeting him, Hazu wanted a friend, he thought Sasha Nyuki would be the best person for it. He met up with Sasha and they both had then become friends. Sasha still wants to be in a relationship, so she hides this till she thinks its time.

A month later, Sasha made the decision to confess to Hazu under the cherry tree, as Sasha Nyuki didn't expect Hazu said yes. This day onward they were a couple

Shiromi Torayoshi

Shiromi showed Nyuki around at school when she first arrived.



  • Art
  • Cats
  • Cooking
  • Friends
  • Music
  • Nature
  • Martial Arts
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Solitude


  • Anime
  • Cosplay
  • Drama
  • Reading
  • School
  • Family
  • Violence
  • Justice
  • Money
  • Gardening


  • Occult
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Gossip


  • Sasha's last name was inspired by 'Miyuki', becoming 'Nyuki'.


  • “Sorry.. I don’t approve of that”

- When the player attempts to get her into gossip at an average reputation.

  • Um.. no I learnt better than this!

- When the player attempts to get her into gossip at a low reputation

  • Not really..

- When the player attempts to get her into gossip at a high reputation

  • “Stop right there, I know who he is. so, stop talking”

- When the player attempts to get her into gossip about Hazu Kashibuchi

  • ”Thanks! Thats sweet!”

- Complimenting her at a average reputation

  • ”I suppose that’s not too bad”

- Complimenting her at a low reputation

  • “Awww..You too!“

- Complimenting her at a high reputation

  • ”A CORPSE?!? I gotta get out of here...FAST!”

- When she discovers a corpse

  • ”OH MY GOD! This isn’t happening!!!... STOP RIGHT NOW”

- When she witnesses a murder

  • “You know that...boy..at the.. sew..ing club?.. well..JUST..let me finish! Can you tell him what he thinks about.....me?...cause well...never mind...

- Her V1 Task (Before entering a relationship with Hazu)

  • “You would do that for me? Thank you please come back ASAP”

- Accepting her V1 task

  • Oh my gosh.. did I seriously tell you how I.....nevermind...

- Declining her V1 task

  • "Huh? Casual..Umm okay well thanks."

- Sasha reciving her answer from her V1 Task

  • "Okay, today I found a book at the library that had my interest, I sat down, read it then yeah, eventually I then had recieved a phone call so I went somewhere else than the library, after that.. poof.. the book was gone. I am suspecting that girl who is always in the library... or it could be Hazu cause it was a sewing guide book.."

- Her V2 Task (After entering a relationship with Hazu)

  • "Wow! Thanks."

- Accepting Her V2 Task

  • "Its fine..I'll just look myself and if I cant.....I'll buy a new one!."

- Declining her V2 Task

  • "I knew it was Hazu! God he would be scared to tell me, thats why I love him."

- Sasha reciving her answer from her V2 Task


- Talking to the next day if she witnessed a murder.