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Shenice Alston is the girlfriend of Demetrius Bryant.


Shenice has black hair & black eyes. She wears a white long sleve crop top, purple pants & purple boots.


If Shenice witnesses a murder, she will go to a populated place and will call the police, if Shenice see you come close to her after arriving at the populated area she will scream, making people look at the murderer and will make the murderer's reputation go down. If the murderer continues to kill people in Shenice's sight she will mentally collapse and hug her legs. If you try to take a photo of Shenice, she will happily pose for the picture.


Demetrius Bryant

She's no longer with him until 16-years.

Other characters

She hangs out with a other Ballas gang after her boyfriend got 16-year sentenced in jail.


Shenice used to be a Student in Akademi High School since 2016 and grauduated. After that she went to College & take clothing course. She goes out with those Ballas in College after clothing course was dismissed.


Demetrius i'm here.
— if Demetrius sees Shenice.
Living in my dreams without Demetrius.
— If Shenice goes out after Demetrius got 16-year sentence in jail.
Taking clothing design is very awesome
— if Shenice takes clothing in College.


  • Shenice lives without Demetrius.
  • She has clothing course in college.