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Shigeko Iguchi is a supporting antagonist and currently one of the students in Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. He is also a supporting character in the fanfiction series Yandere Simulator: Ghostly Fate. He is the Yakuza's younger brother.


The Yakuza's younger brother who acts as a delinquent. He wanted to be like his brother but the Yakuza doesn't approve it. The other delinquents don't seem to be amused of him, even though, he's one of them and felt unwelcome in their gang.


Back at the 1990s, Shigeko and his older brother lost their parents because they were beaten to death by the delinquents for not giving them their money. Shigeko was only a little boy while his brother was a teenager during that time. The two were poor as they started lacking of money. His older brother didn't want him nor himself to suffer so he desperatedly tries to think of something to raise up money. The Yakuza is been responsible of taking good care of him.

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Shigeko is almost like a delinquent since he frequently doesn't comply any authority rules or laws but he isn't completely rude towards anyone when he talks to them. He does commit crimes such as stealing, scamming other people, etc. When any authority person knows he is breaking a rule, he just simply ignores them with a smug look that would make them annoyed. This most likely shows he is very calming. He also likes making harmless pranks with people who seemed to like him. During tests in a class, Shigeko is very skillful at cheating using stealth so none of others witnessed him doing so, showing that he isn't actually good at any academic subjects, especially math.


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Shigeko's task will only become available to Ayano if she has talked to the The Yakuza. When talking to him about his task, Shigeko will ask Ayano how she knows his brother but would only say that it was a long story. She asks him if everyone else thinks he's a delinquent, how come other delinquents don't show him respect. He mentions that they didn't really think he was amusing at all and they often harass or mock him that made him feel unwelcome by them. He was starting to hate them due to how they treated him like a dirt. Ayano tells him she will help him deal with them. Shigeko asks how but Ayano tells him to just trust her and she could handle it.

Ayano is required to fight the delinquents to teach them a lesson for their treatment on Shigeko. After they're defeated, Ayano manhandles Humoura and sternly tells her that their disrespect is intolerable to Shigeko and threatens to bring another pain on her if she ever tries to mess with him again. Shigeko will be thankful to Ayano and tells her to let his brother know that she had helped him.


The Yakuza

The Yakuza is Shigeko's older brother. He knows that his job is career criminal and interested to be like his brother for a reason but the Yakuza couldn't approve him living with crime. The Yakuza would send some of his men or Ayano to a person to bring a pain on them if he witnesses them harassing or hurting Shigeko because he cannot also tolerate the fact of his brother being harmed.

Ayano Aishi

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Humoura Konduo

Although Shigeko is a delinquent, Humoura isn't amused of him and still often disrespects him. Along with her gang, Humoura doesn't think he's worthy enough to be a member in her gang. Her mistreatment made him feel unwelcomed and didn't belong to them. He would fight her with his weapon if he loses his cool with her but Humoura can still beat him down and disarm him due to her brute force strength and him being no good at fighting. Humoura is probably the only person who make Shigeko lose his temper.

Yandere Simulator: Ghostly Fate

Ryoba Aishi

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