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Shio Aishi (愛死 潮 Aishi Shio) is an OC created by Tsurime as part of the Generation 2 Fanon. She is the daughter of Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada. She acts as Ayano's counterpart in this fanon, and the main protagonist or "yandere". She fell in love with Honami Watanabe as a child, but they grew distant during middle school. However, now that they attend the same high school, Shio has another chance to win her heart.


I don't like the way she looks at me. It's like she's staring into my soul.
— Suzume Kawaguchi

Shio is known to be quite beautiful, with soft, doll-like features. She has large eyes of a rosy red color, alabaster skin, and a slim and delicate figure. She begins with little strength, but this can change with enough training. Her hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes are of a white color due to her albinism, but she uses brown mascara to make her eyelashes stand out more.

Shio's most defining physical trait would be her natural white hair which, combined with her other features, gives her an otherworldly and somewhat angelic appearance that tends to draw other people to her. It is straight, of a medium thickness and reaches down to her hips. Shio takes great pride in her hair and refrains from ever using curling irons or blow dryers to style it, for fear of heat damage.

At school, she wears the Evangelina uniform with a red ribbon and white thigh-high stockings. Shio also often wears white ribbons in her hair, but accessories would (hypothetically) be customizable by the player. She has a rather girly way of dressing outside of school, usually wearing dresses, blouses, shorts, and skirts in soft colors or pastels. She also often incorporates the sailor collar and red tie into her casual outfits.


Above all, Shio appears to be a simple high school girl. She is rather popular with her peers, obtaining trust easily and treating everyone with respect and kindness. Despite her popularity, she is socially awkward and will often miss social cues during conversations. She fails to understand most jokes and may interpret the words of others incorrectly, such as mistaking an insult for a compliment. Most find this endearing rather than unattractive, however, because of Shio's beauty and popularity. Shio also tends to spend time alone reading a book rather than engaging in social situations, giving her a reputation for being shy and mysterious.

In truth, the sweet personality that Shio displays in public is simply a facade concealing a twisted infatuation and obsession with Honomi Watanabe. Once a person takes the time to truly get to know her (a near-impossible feat), they will discover that there is much more to this girl that most cannot see.

Shio has very low self-esteem. She seems to be unaware of the way others feel about her, failing to understand why anyone would appreciate her or wish to spend time with her because she views herself as unworthy of others' respect. She doesn't allow herself to express her true feelings either because she views it as a sign of weakness. Shio has not been seen crying since early childhood, as she claims that "saltwater is bad for her hair". In addition, she has severe paranoia and trust issues. The only person Shio believes to be completely trustworthy is Honomi Watanabe. Everyone else, according to Shio, will most likely betray her or try to harm her. This is one of the main reasons why Shio believes it necessary to "protect" Honomi by eliminating all rivals.

Shio can be very trustworthy and she always keeps her word, as long as it's for the sake of someone she cares about. Even if it benefits her, she would never betray a trusted friend. She doesn't particularly care for her rivals, though, and will lie and deceive if she deems it necessary. From those she admires, Shio will constantly seek attention and validation. One word of praise could make her day, but rejection would absolutely crush her due to her paranoia. This is the reason why Shio takes such care of her appearance. Her greatest fear is for Honomi to hate her.

Shio may seem harmless, but she can be exceedingly cruel for the sake of what she believes to be the "greater good". In essence, Shio will go to extreme lengths to do what she thinks is right, and she has absolutely no empathy for people whom she considers to be "evil". Shio also has an extremely skewed sense of right and wrong. Anyone who harms her or someone she cares about in any possible way or degree deserves to die, in her mind. Especially when someone threatens her love life. Shio is ever-ready to hurt anyone who might take her friends, family, or crush away from her, effectively making her a yandere. When Yumi meets Shio and leads her to begin eliminating her rivals, Yumi will encourage her to do it violently. Depending on the player's choices, Shio can become a serial killer, a matchmaker, a bully, a manipulator, etc. On all of these paths, she retains the traits described above, but her personality can still vary.

As for interests, Shio has taken an interest in sewing. She particularly enjoys creating little dolls or stuffed animals, often of friends. She is also interested in poetry, and even has a small notebook of it in her locker. Her poetry gradually improves depending on her Language skill. Honomi Watanabe is the subject of most of her writings, but Shio's obsession has left her with little time to pursue these hobbies of hers. Most of her free time is spent plotting ways to eliminate rivals.

Shio treats every individual with an equal amount of respect, unless she feels that they are a threat to her (and with the obvious exception of Honomi). She feels that her rivals are attempting to interfere with fate, or destiny. Elimination of rivals is viewed as necessary to "save" Honomi from a broken heart because, according to Shio, the two are soul mates and nobody else could possibly love Honomi more. Shio gains no pleasure from the suffering of her victims, but she may decide that they deserve such a thing, that it is retribution. She would find it very gratifying to know that "justice" has been served, feeling that she has done a good deed by killing this person. As mentioned before, Shio has a very distorted sense of right and wrong. Although she can be kind to others if they do not displease her, she will not hesitate to resort to murder if she deems it necessary.


Early Childhood

Shio Aishi was born to Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada in Buraza Town on December 21, twenty years after the events of Yandere Simulator. Unlike her mother, Shio was born with the ability to feel emotion. However, she had always felt empty. She felt as if something was missing, but she had no idea what.

Ayano was not a very good parent. Although Ayano did indeed love Shio, she found herself neglecting Shio in favor of her personal life. While Taro worked, she would often go out and spend time with her friends rather than take care of her daughter. Sometimes, Ayano would even grow resentful of her daughter, as Shio stole Taro's attention away from her. But, as a result, Shio came to learn how to take care of herself from a very young age. By the age of six, she was fully capable of cooking her own meals. Despite her relationship with her mother, Shio adores her father. Taro, although he was rarely home, doted on her. He bought her gifts, taught her to read and write, and works hard to support their family.

Elementary School

Shio was a lonely girl during her childhood. She was alone at home most of the time, before beginning elementary school. At Yumiba Elementary, due to her lack of social skills, she quickly became a victim of bullying. Other children refused to talk to her, except for one girl. Her name was Honomi Watanabe.

Honomi stood up for Shio, and became her best friend. They were inseparable and did practically everything together. Shio eventually fell in love with Honomi, although it was unclear if Honomi felt the same way.



On a scale from 0 to 10. For the Overall, find the average of all the numbers in that section and round it to the nearest whole number.



  • Strength - 4 (poor)
  • Dexterity - 6 (agile)
  • Stamina - 5 (average)
  • Overall - 5


  • Charisma - 8 (charming)
  • Courtesy - 3 (awkward)
  • Manipulation - 9 (cunning)
  • Popularity - 8 (popular)
  • Overall - 7


  • Cuteness - 8 (endearing)
  • Sexiness - 8 (attractive)
  • Elegance - 8 (graceful)
  • Overall - 8


  • Perception - 7 (perceptive)
  • Intelligence - 8 (brilliant)
  • Wits - 7 (clever)
  • Overall - 7



  • Animals - 4 (most dislike her)
  • Gardening - Varies
  • Survival - 4 (dislikes outdoors)
  • Overall - 4


  • Melee - 9 (killer)
  • Aim - 4 (inexperienced)
  • Hand-to-hand - 8 (proficient)
  • Overall - 7


  • Crafts - Varies
  • Cooking - Varies
  • Sports -(specify) Varies


  • Performance - Varies
  • Dancing - Varies
  • Music - Varies
  • Writing - 5-9, may vary
  • Drawing - Varies


  • Academics - 7 (studious)
  • Occult - Varies
  • Science - Varies


  • Yandere - 10 (lovesick)
  • Sanity - 3.5 (unstable)


Yandere Vision

Much like her mother, Ayano, Shio has the ability to see the outlines of specific people and objects through walls. When using this ability, her eyes will glow red and time will appear to slow down slightly. She has the ability to sense her rivals, Honomi, evidence of murder, and useful objects such as weapons. Shio can also "tag" specific students in the school to show them in Yandere Vision.

Melee Combat

Shio demonstrates skill in fighting with melee weapons, ranging from smaller blades such as scissors and boxcutters, to blunt weapons like bats, to swords (her katana).


Extremely intelligent, Shio can easily outwit any rivals she may have. She also tends to get good grades at school, a favorite of the Chemistry teacher's.


This is all hypothetical, if Shio were an NPC rather than the player character. WIP


Canon Characters

Ayano Aishi

Ayano is her mother. She is narcissistic and they have a poor relationship. When Ayano isn't ignoring her in favor of her husband, they often argue. Despite this, Ayano truly does love her daughter, as Shio is a physical manifestation of her and Taro's love.

Taro Yamada

Taro is her father. While he does work most of the day, he always finds time for Shio. Although, Taro has developed a sort of Stockholm syndrome towards Ayano, and will usually take his wife's side when it comes to Shio's arguments with her.

Ryoba Aishi

Ryoba is her grandmother. Shio has heard stories about Ryoba, and blames Ryoba for her and her mother's deranged behavior. In person, however, Ryoba appears to be a typical loving grandmother who constantly spoils Shio with money and gifts.

Hanako Yamada

Hanako is her aunt. In this fanon, she is left alive. Although Hanako lives out of town, she often visits Shio's home. Shio particularly enjoys her company.

Fanon Characters

Honomi Watanabe

Shio is in love with Honomi, and has been since childhood. She will do whatever it takes to eliminate competition for Honomi's heart. When they were in elementary school, Honomi promised to marry her when they grew up (somewhat jokingly). While Honomi may not remember this, it gave Shio a reason to live.

Yumi Sakurakouji

Yumi is the president of the Newspaper Club and the final rival. Unbeknownst to Shio, Yumi is actually manipulating her to eliminate all of Honomi's admirers. Yumi is also in love with Honomi, so she formed a plan to get rid of all rivals for her affections by motivating someone to harm or kill them, then collecting blackmail on the person to eliminate her as well. She would blame it on the lack of school newspaper readers, saying she needs a juicy story.

If Shio chooses to eliminate her rivals violently, it will make it much more difficult to defeat Yumi. Yumi will collect proof that she harmed them, and threaten to release it in the school newspaper. This gives Shio only one day to find and kill her. However, if Shio goes the pacifist route, Yumi will have no blackmail to release. So, this gives the player the usual five days. Yumi will frequently encourage violence for this reason.

Emi Fukui

Emi is her ninth rival. Emi is a mysterious girl and thought to be the daughter of a woman known as Nemesis, who has some unknown grudge against Ayano's family. Emi also fell in love with Honomi as a child. After Emi fell ill, Honomi visited her in the hospital nearly every day. They became close friends in middle school, while Shio and Honomi drifted apart.

Although Emi isn't a yandere, she is aware of Shio's crimes thanks to information from Yumi, and will attempt to expose her. Again, this will be made more difficult if going the pacifist route. Additionally, she will go out of her way to avoid Shio. This makes her one of the most dangerous rivals. She is a sort of detective, and if murders have occurred, she has been trying to connect the disappearances of these girls with the Aishi family.

WIP, will add other rivals later

Roleplay Differences

  • She attends Akademi High School instead of Evangelina Girl's High.
  • Shio is Ayano's second cousin, not her daughter. Her family name remains the same as it is canon that Aishi women do not take on the surname of their husbands, but rather the opposite.
  • While she still has a crush on Honomi Watanabe, her Gen 2 rivals do not and she is not focused on eliminating them.


Eh? Wow, wait, really? Thank you... you have no idea how much this means to me...
— if complimented
Are you sure you really mean it this time? It's beginning to sound insincere... you probably hate me, don't you...?
— if complimented too much
You're twitching... what happened to you? Are you okay?
— reaction to visible insanity
I'm afraid to ask how that happened, or whose blood that is...
— reaction to bloody clothing
Huh? You brought a weapon to school?! What are you going to do witht hat thing?
— reaction to visibly armed student
That's an interesting laugh...
— reaction to insane laughter
You... killed them? But why? What did they do to deserve that?!
— reaction to murder
...!! How long has that been sitting there?! I'd better go tell somebody.
— reaction to corpse
You're... dragging a dead body? Why...
— reaction to a student carrying a corpse
It looks like blood. What's that doing here?
— reaction to blood pools
W-what... I'd better go tell someone... that's disgusting.
— reaction to dismembered body parts
What the hell are you doing under my skirt? You'll pay for this!
— if a panty shot is being taken of her
<name>, someone's trying to look up your skirt! Get away from us, pervert!
— if a panty shot is taken of someone else
There actually is something that I seriously need help with! I'll tell you about it...
— if asked about a task
Kya!! ...Why would anyone throw water on me? I didn't do anything to deserve this! Ugh, I'd better change...
— if water is thrown on her
Kya!! ...Is this blood? Whose blood is it? Ugh, I'd better change.
— if blood is thrown on her
Kya!! ...Why do you have gasoline? Why did you douse me with gasoline? A-are you going to hurt me?
— if gasoline is thrown on her


  • The kanji used for her name means "tide", which is ironic because she dislikes saltwater.
    • "Shio" can also mean "salt".
  • Shio's favorite food is pork ramen, and she hates oranges.
  • She has acrophobia, or fear of heights.
  • Shio would grief your Minecraft house without a moment's hesitation.
  • Although people with albinism don't actually have red eyes, Tsurime decided to give them to Shio anyway because red eyes look good on her.
  • Her name used to be Yami and she had dark hair instead of white hair. It was changed because the name Yami is extremely odd for a real person to have.