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Shiori Aikawa is a supporting character and currently one of the students that attend Akademi High School in GhoulGirls90's Fanon's Future Mode and the deuteragonist in Backstory Mode. Along with Kei and Kayano, she is a former student at Higashi High School and a survivor of its massacre created by Yamara Aishi.


Shiori Aikawa is the current enforcer of the Student Council. She is Kei and Kayano's best and close friend. She is known to be very capable of maintaining peace by preventing people from having arguments, physical fights or bullying others. She is very friendly and kind girl but she will get serious if she sees a confrontation. This may be the reason why the president had promoted her as a council enforcer. She doesn't think using intimidation is the better way to stop the student from misbehaving but instead she will politely leave them with a friendly warning if a student is behaving disruptively again. If a misbehaving student would think she is only bluffing at them, then they aren't aware that she is serious and really means it.

Along with Kei and Kayano, Shiori is also the former student of Higashi High School. During that school year, she met Kei after retiring from Martial Arts club, later Kayano and then became close friends with them. She did not feel like joining in any club and rather spends her time with Kei and Kayano. Two years ago at the tenth week of their school, she, Kei and Kayano were the survivors from the Higashi High School massacre created by Yamara Aishi after the yandere girl's actions were exposed that caused her reputation to be permanently damaged and ultimately tastes the rejection from Senpai. This could explain how the trio know Ayano's cousin and why they have grudge towards her.


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Shiori looking at the camera suspiciously.

Shiori has the Dangerous Persona. Unlike the past Student Council members, she will react with a suspicious look if Ayano aims a camera at her. If she witnesses Ayano committing murder, she will run towards her and use her pepper spray to apprehend her. If she also sees Ayano attacking Kei, she will be horrified but then gets angry and will run towards her and knock her out without mini-game struggle.


Kei Takahashi

Kei is Shiori's best and close friend. Two years ago before the events of Future Mode, they first met each other at Higashi High School after Kei had recently retired from Martial Arts club and quickly became friends with each other. Her relationship with Kei is very strong so if she notices Kei feeling concerned at something, Shiori would encourage her to never hesitate to ask her for help if she has a problem and she'll always be there for her. After Kei witnesses Yamara murdering a girl that has a crush on her Senpai, Shiori is probably the only person to believe Kei about Yamara committing a murder when she was sounded very serious about it of telling her. Not wanting to let her friend trying to solve the problem alone, Shiori wanted to help Kei to provide evidence against Yamara committing a crime.

Kayano Sukado

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Yamara Aishi

Along with Kei, Shiori has a history with Yamara since she first met her at Higashi High School. She is most likely enemies with Yamara since she believes Kei saying that she murdered a girl is true that has a crush on her Senpai. Shiori is very willing to help provide evidence of Yamara committing a crime because if Kei is really telling the truth of what she saw then she wants to bring Yamara to justice as well. At the end of 10th week, Shiori and Kei managed to provide evidence against Yamara without her being aware about their plan and reported the evidence to the faculty that caused Yamara's reputation to be permanently damaged and ultimately gets rejected by Senpai for her terrible actions. Shiori and Kei managed to bring her to justice by defeating her in their battle and presumably got killed by falling off the building, then on the lava. Unfortunately, they both unable to save all other students and teachers who were already murdered by Yamara.

Two years later at the events of Future Mode, Shiori and Kei then unexpectedly saw Yamara again and to their horror, she somehow actually survived from the accident back at the Higashi High School where they defeated her.


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