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Shiromi Torayoshi is a female student attending Akademi High in Yandere Simulator.


Shiromi has short, silver hair with bangs on the right side. Her eyes are black and soulless. She wears the Student Council uniform and an armband of leadership with Japanese symbols on it. She also wears short white socks with black tiger stripes, along with a matching scarf and two black hair clips in her hair.


Shiromi has the Dangerous persona. If Ayano gets too close to her, she will push them away. If she sees the player attempting to dispose of a corpse or witnesses them commit murder, she will chase them down to pepper spray and restrain them, causing an expulsion as well as an arrest.

She is also described to be very eccentric and weird. A lot about her is unknown. She is mysterious, enigmatic, and remains calm at almost all times.


  • Shiromi, along with the other Student Council members were implemented
  • As of January 28th, 2021, Shiromi and the other Student Council members have an official voice.
  • When translated from Japanese to English, her name literally means "white tiger".
  • Unlike some students, Shiromi knows for a fact that Info-chan exists.
  • In the future, if Ayano bumps into Shiromi with a stolen item in her inventory, Shiromi may take the item and leave her a "cheeky" note in its place.
  • She is immune to tickling.
  • Her favorite food is calamari and her favorite drink is wine.
  • It is unclear what her sexuality is, but YandereDev has confirmed that Shiromi likes women. She has never kissed a girl, but she has kissed a Bengal Tiger.
  • The weirdest thing Shiromi has ever worn was a cosplay of her Star Wars OC, "Chewbacca's girlfriend".
  • She smells like the inside of a video game case just after taking off the wrapping.
  • If given a flower, she would eat it while making unbroken eye contact.
  • If she were framed or falsely reported to the guidance counselor, she would be amused and impressed instead of embarrassed or angry.
  • Shiromi was ready for death at a young age. Every day she's alive is a "bonus day" that she's lucky to have. If she dies, she can't complain since she was "overdue" for death anyway. Her last words would be "Oh well."



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