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Simon Nakoruru is the main protagonist of GhoulGirls90's Fanon/Yandere Simulator: Doki Doki Stories and a minor character in Yandere Simulator: SNAP Mode 3. He is one of the original students before the incident at the Akademi High School. He is Saki's love interest. He may also become Himari's love interest if Saki dies.


A foreigner boy who used to live from America along with his family, became a new student in Akademi last year. At first, after some students act hostile and rude towards him, he felt hopeless of having new friends until Kokona and Saki befriends him, when they saw him sad and alone. Saki soon began to develop a crush on him and has a feelings for him. As a result, Simon also developed a romantic relationship with Saki and also shares a feeling for her as well.

For now, since this boy knows your true nature, you better be careful around him. I know he's going to do everything to expose your crimes and you can't also beat him in fight. Never forget that he is your main enemy...for now.


Simon's full appearance

Simon has a fair skin and slender. He wears a white shirt and bright green tie with a bright green-lined black blazer worn over, with black slacks and brown shoes.

In his previous appearance, he wears blue glasses. He has black eyes and grey hair.

In his new appearance, his eyes are now dark green and his hair is dark yellow. His glasses is green.

When attending to his club, Simon wears a green cape in his back and green bandana around his head. If his club got disbanded, he will no longer wear his cape and bandana.


Simon is very friendly, nice, helpful and sometimes solitude. He was very quiet when he is seemingly unable to make friends at first, until Kokona and Saki approached and befriended him after seeing him lonely and alone. As a result, he becomes a bit more sociable. He is very brave and smart. He seems to be very calm when anyone tries to intimidate or harass him and he always wins the conflict. He does not also tolerate people being disrespectful to anyone else for no reason. If he had seen any student being bullied, he would go and defend them from their harassment.

One year later, ever since the aftermath of Akademi High School massacre, Simon becomes slightly more protective to Saki and Kokona, fearing that Ayano might also try to kill them at anytime soon. He strongly cares for his two-long friends so he doesn't want to let anything bad happen to them.


Simon looking at the camera suspiciously.

In Original Mode, he has Heroic Loner Persona since he had learned the combat skils in martial arts making him very capable of fighting anyone who is a threat. In Future Mode, he currently still retains the same persona. If he witnesses Ayano committing murder, he will run towards her and apprehend her without entering mini-game struggle. Simon will give a suspicious look, if Ayano aims a camera on him. Similar to Raibaru Fumetsu, he cannot be killed with stealth because he has now the ability to sense someone behind him or with frontal attack because he will quickly grab Ayano's arm strongly or block her attack with his right arm (if non-sharp weapon is used against Simon) and disarms her and then pinning her on the ground. If Ayano also tries to kill Simon while Robot-chan is near her creator, Robot-chan will quickly grab and restrain Ayano before she could kill Simon. Ayano cannot interact with Simon since he became aware of Ayano's true nature and would avoid her by refusing to talk to her.

If a student who had befriended Simon, witnesses Ayano committing murder, they would run to him and tell him about it and he will proceed to apprehend Ayano and restrain her. Some befriended students will tell Simon to leave the school with them for safety but he would refuse it as he knows he can stop and fight the murderer.


At 7:00 AM, Simon enters the school grounds by the Entrance/Exit Gate 1. He walks to his locker at 7:05 AM and changes from his outdoor shoes into his indoor shoes at the lockers. At 7:15 AM, he walks to the Martial Arts Club on the second floor and watches his apprentices spar. He also goes to the random location that has a spacious area with the rest of the Martial Arts Club members and watches his apprentices spar there as well.

At 8:00 AM, Simon walks into Classroom 1-1 and sits at his desk. He starts his morning classes at 8:30 AM and leaves to go to the canteen building to eat his lunch at 1:00 PM.

Simon walks back to class again at 1:30 PM and participates in cleaning time between 3:30 PM and 4:00 PM. Afterward, he heads to the Martial Arts Club and stays there until the end of the day. He practices kicking with the other members and training them for new moves from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

If the Martial Arts Club gets disbanded, he will sit alone at the audience sits near the football field and reads his book or socialize with Saki and Kokona (if both of their clubs are disbanded as well) about the cause of disband of their club during 7:15 AM and 4:00 PM.


Saki Miyu

Saki is one of two Simon's close friends. At some point, she developed a crush on Simon and began to have a romantic relationship together. After the incident at Akademi High, Simon becomes more protective to Saki, fearing her safety with Ayano still being in the same school.

Kokona Haruka

Kokona is one of two Simon's close friends. Like Saki, Simon cares for her and would protect her from danger.

Himari Fujita

Simon met Himari in thrice times in 2020. She does not know much about him yet in that time.

One year later, Himari unexpectedly reunites with him and feels relieved that Simon wasn't been added in Akademi High's victims list after all. Because of recent terrible incident at their school, Himari refuses to let Simon risk his life due to her fear of losing him too. Simon never declines her help when he knows he's having trouble or problems.

If Saki dies, Simon may become Himari's suitor because she will also eventually develop a crush on him. He will have a crush on her as well.

Yui Rio

Yui is Simon's friend and favorite apprentice in his club. He was introduced to her by Saki at Buraza Town near the Maid Cafe where he quickly became friends with Yui and other Rainbow Six girls. Yui likes Simon and when she witnessed him having defeated the delinquents who bullied a student, she admires him of his skills that made her decide to join his club.

Kanan Nakoruru

Kanan is Simon's sister. Due to his younger sister's hot-tempered nature, Simon is always nervous around her and uncertain if he could talk to her and would avoid her because she easily gets mad at him when he makes a mistake and doesn't want to take the chance of ending up angering her since childhood. If he was to force himself to spend time with Kanan depending on what situation, he tries to be careful not to wrong her and hardly tries to choose words carefully but it always fails.

When Kanan's behavior eventually had took too far and becoming worse, Simon is finally fed up and finally confronts her about her treatment towards him. If Kanan wouldn't stop mistreating him, a hurt Simon sternly decides not to talk to her anymore, to his sister's heartbreak and guilt. This caused the two to have a strained relationship between each other. Kanan made attempts to apologize to her brother, but Simon completely refuses to believe that she is sorry at all so he rejected her apology. Simon soon starts to regret rejecting his sister but still unable to bring himself to forgive for her mistreatment.

Emma Nakoruru

Emma is Simon's mother.

Ayano Aishi

At first, Simon was unaware of her true nature until she attacked the Akademi High and its population.

After the incident at Akademi High, along with Saki and Kokona, he desperately wanted to bring Ayano to justice for her crimes. He felt angry to see Ayano gotten away with murder and really wants to see her thrown in prison for her villainous actions.

He felt uneasy after learning that she stills enroll the same school and still she had gotten away with murder. When Ayano finally noticed him and his two friends were still alive, she decides to let them live for now but leaves them with a warning by threatening to kill the trio if she ever learns that they manage to have evidence that connects her to the crimes, attempting to get her exposed and arrested. Though, that still not stops him. He really has a strong sense of justice against Ayano because he cannot forget of her actions she did against the school.


Simon built Robot-chan as his own invention for science invention contest in Akademi High School, since he's being qualified to. Robot-chan is also been programmed to protect Simon, his two close friends or other innocent people who are seemingly in danger. Because of that, she does not like seeing someone attempting to harm his creator and would immediately go stop them.

On the other hand, Simon also used her in martial arts club as a trainer of showing martial arts movements to his clubmates to learn how people do them.

It is shown that Robot-chan loves her creator and is kinda close to him. She never really fails him.

Budo Masuta

Budo was Simon's late former mentor last year, who was one of the students got killed in massacre at Akademi High School by Ayano.

After seeing Budo performing techniques that he had learned so far, Simon became inspired to have combat movements like him, which made him feel interested enough to join the Martial Arts Club. During the club meeting, Simon was noticed by Budo feeling sad and hopeless. He confessed to Budo that he was worried that he might never graduate the school due to constantly having poor grades of his academic performance. But he was encouraged by Budo to never give up and keep trying until he gets better and better. Simon realizes this and feels that the leader is right.

One year later, Simon mourns his death because he knows the fact that Ayano killed everyone in Akademi High School, it would include him. He promised Budo that he will make him proud and he will taking his place for him to teach the students who will become interested to learn martial arts.

Powers and Abilities

Simon is weak and incapable to fight at first, but he eventually becomes stronger when joined the Martial Arts club. He has developed a powerful physique, and undeniable skill that would allow him to defeat almost everyone that are threats to him or anyone. His strength is very powerful as Raibaru Fumetsu.

Simon also has four different types of fighting style that he has learned and ability to perform heat actions he gained from martial arts:

  • Brawler - This is a basic yet powerful style relying on simple brawling, hence the name. Fighting is somewhat flashy in execution and slow, but it is quite powerful. Simon's impressive physical ability proves itself whenever he takes on groups of foes by himself and coming out with only slightly ragged breath. Through sheer brute force, he can shrug off attacks and retaliate immediately as well as circumvent his opponents' defenses with ease. Many attacks in Brawler style have a wrestling-like quality to them, which combined with his basic street brawling, complete the style with simple yet effective moves. This style, from the progression of its combos, to its stance, can be viewed as an unrefined, prototypical version of Simon's Master style.
  • Rush - This move is a speed-oriented style that is inspired by kickboxing, shown by Simon's upright stance with a high guard put up. The Rush style is best known for its ability to stun enemies with "Dempsey Roll" - like bursts of relentless blows, as well as its emphasis on Simon's speed and footwork. His movement speed is greatly increased while using this style, and he can dodge or evade three times in a row. This style represents of tapping into the upper limits of his movement speed and reaction time, seemingly on the level of advanced martial artists despite never having any proper training in boxing.
  • Juggernaut - This power style focuses on brute strength and allows to immensely carry heavy weapons, shown by Simon's grounded stance with legs far apart to fortify his balance, and open-handed claw-like hands hinting at his focus on grappling. This style is mainly inspired by the striking aspects of Professional Wrestling, featuring attacks such as lariats, clotheslines and dropkicks while also featuring some grappling. The movement speed is slow but powerful, Simon emphasizes his incredible tenacity and capacity to take hits. This style represents of using the full force of his impressive musculature, being able to pick up objects no normal human could realistically lift such as motorcycles, as well as throwing around full-grown men with only one hand. Each attack in Juggernaut style is delivered with all of his body weight behind it, making for incredibly slow yet devastating hits that are capable of sending foes flying or breaking through their guards without much effort.
  • Master of Martial Arts - This is a unlockable fighting style that Simon unlocks after finishing all other characters' task. It is shortened to "Master". This fighting style is what Simon eventually adopts in titles that take place in 2020 before the massacre at Akademi High School happened. It is a powerful combination of punches from Boxing, kicks from Karate, throws from Judo and grappling from Professional Wrestling, with a simple fighting stance deceiving the all-around massive power and impressive speed that few like Simon can properly possess to execute the style effectively.  The best of Simon's other styles, such as the speed of Rush, the strength of Juggernaut, and the technique of Brawler meld into what is Simon's one-and-only signature fighting style.
  • Danger Sensor - Simon also gains this ability that makes him aware of any threat behind him such as sensing Ayano attempting to kill him behind.
  • Essence of Head Pounding - one of heat actions that can be performed during in Martial Arts style. Simon double knuckles the enemy by their head and knees them in the air.


I feel it's not like...before... New students, teachers... I still can't believe that girl murdered all of them. I'm really going to miss them...
Yeah, I guess...you're right.
— Simon expressing his feelings towards the deaths of original students and teacher
WHAA! A-A-Ayano!?! Why are you here!?!
Okay...? Please...don't hurt us.
Wh-what? Why would you let us go?
Okay, okay, okay! We won't tell anyone. Please...just leave us alone already...geez.
— Conversation with Ayano, when she once again encountered the trio.
Nice try, Ayano...
— Blocking Ayano's attack after attempting to use frontal attack on him before apprehending her.
You have to be better than that.
— Blocking Ayano's attack after attempting to use stealth attack on him before apprehending her.
I'm not letting you getting away with that!
— Running to apprehend Ayano after witnessing her murder.



  • Like Midori Gurin, his favorite color is green, but unlike her, Simon doesn't need every foods and drinks has to be green.
  • He always likes wearing green outfits but would also sometimes wear in a different color.
  • He admires both Budo and Raibaru for their strong strength that inspires him to become a strong person to defend himself against the bullies, delinquents or criminals.
  • Simon was unpopular student and used to have poor grades at first. However, when he joined the Martial Arts Club and he confessed to Budo that he keeps failing, Budo had strongly encouraged him to not give up and he should always keep trying until he gets better. He eventually did start to become good at his studies and his reputation highly increased. This makes the students to start liking him and being his idol.
  • He extremely does not like delinquents because they mostly are being brutal, violent and unfriendly to anyone.
  • He doesn't seem to be fond of Kuroko, one of the Student Council, due to her harsh behavior but still respects her for her good duties.
  • His fighting style is based to Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza game series.
  • If his club gets disbanded due to a club member being kidnapped or murdered, he would be very dismayed and will assume Ayano might have done something to cause it.
  • He was from America until his family moved to Japan.
  • His Japanese surname came from his mother's dad.
  • Simon is GhoulGirls90's main OC.
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