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Stewelry "Chie" Lightworth is one of Vivilda the chimera's YS version of her OCs.


Stewelry stands at about 5'4 in height. Her hair is brown, and is groomed, similar to how Haru Doi's hair is groomed. Her hair covers her eyes most of the time, and very rarely, her eyes are visible. For her attire, she wears a suit which also has a bandana that covers the bottom portion of her neck.

For her hotel attire, she wears a bartender outfit, which is reminiscent of the 30s.


Most of the time, Stewelry's extrovert and upbeat. However, in certain situations, she becomes choleric and monotonous, such as drinking wine during her bartender job.


  • For her personality inspirations, according to Vivilda the chimera, her extrovert and upbeat personality is inspired by Chie Satonaka from Persona 4. However, for her monotonous and choleric personality, according to Vivilda, is inspired by Husk from Hazbin Hotel, and Loona Hellhound from Helluva Boss.
  • Since she's bisexual, she leans towards women more than men.