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Sumire Suzuki was one of the original students that got killed in Akademi High School massacre in GhoulGirls90's Fanon. She was Himari's closest friend.


A pure-minded girl who is as innocent as possible. Doesn't understand double-entendres, which provides her friends with an endless source of amusement.

She was Himari's closest friend and because she knows what you did, she has a strong sense of justice against you for her death.


Sumire has fair skin and slender. She has long, purple hair with a braid and split bangs with multiple strands of hair down her forehead. She has her dark green flowers, and her eyes is dark green to emerald.


Sumire is pure-minded and innocent. She is also cute, loving, sweet and very friendly. She clearly loves her friends. Sumire is sometimes shy to ask help from her friends because she made them think that she can handle anything by herself, when in reality, there is always something else that she cannot solve.


Sumire had the Social Butterfly Persona. She strike a cute pose if a camera is aimed at her. If she witnesses murder or a corpse, she will hide at Classroom 1-2 and call the police. She cannot participate the fight.


Himari Fujita

Last year, Sumire met Himari when they had their first club meeting and quickly became best friends with each other. Himari strongly cares for her.

She later died in the Akademi High School massacre by Ayano after being stabbed many times when she tried to escape her. Sumire weakly said her last words for her friend before losing consciousness from her injuries and Himari gets stabbed in the back by throwing the knife at her by Ayano without witnessing her.

While Himari survived from her wounds, Sumire and the rest of Gardening Club members did not. Her unfortunate death impacted Himari's sanity that made her sink into depression and lonely. Himari felt like a failure for not being able to save Sumire and the others.


Himari...I...I'm sorry...
— Sumire's last word to Himari before dying.
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