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Susumu Hirai is a male OC made by User:AckTheWriter.


Susumu has red dyed hair and wide eyes. He wears an open yellow jacket over his uniform and headphones.


Susumu has the loner persona, so if he sees the player commit murder, he'll run out of the school and call the cops. He hides his face when a camera is pointed at him.


Susumu walks around the outside of the school and goes to class at 8:00 AM, like everyone else. For lunch, he sits at the outdoor cafeteria where he is alone. At cleaning time, he cleans the outdoor cafeteria until 4:00 and then goes home.


  • Susumu is very nervous when talking to someone he doesn't know.
  • He is pansexual.
  • He doesn't have a crush on anyone at the moment. ]]