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This OC is created by Beta. Please ask permission before using this OC in any way.

Tadeu Santos is a fanon student who attends Akademi High School. He is Betapekoyama's fifth OC.


Tadeu has short, curly, dark reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. He appears to have a feminine face. His skin is tan due to his heritage, and he has a few barely-noticeable dark freckles on his face. He occasionally wears a black scarf that was given to him by one of his friends in Canada before he left.

Outside of school, he usually wears a hoodie or other loose clothing.


Tadeu is friendly and enjoys talking with other students and meeting new people, though he can seem distant sometimes. Due to him recently learning Japanese, his way of speaking is very polite. He has ADHD and OCD, which causes him to be twitchy and somewhat of a perfectionist, among many other symptoms. He takes medication for this. Tadeu often gets distracted when talking to others, especially if he is trying to multitask. He is easily startled and prone to panicking, especially during low school atmosphere.

In-game, he acts like a regular Coward. If a camera is pointed at him, he will hide his face. If he witnesses murder, he will beg the player to spare him in exchange for hid silence. If he is spared, he will run home, but he will not call the police.


His parents raised him in Canada. When he turned 14, they moved to Japan in order to get a fresh start.



  • None yet.


  • Noburu Shota - Tadeu thinks he is cute, though he does not know of Noburu's crush on him.
  • Shiroi Bai - Tadeu has seen him watching Budo once, but doesn't know he's a yandere and just thinks he has a normal crush.



  • He enjoys gardening.
  • He often goes on the computer.
  • He plays a lot of video games.
  • His favorite activity is going on walks.


  • He is in Classroom 2-1.
  • He is based on his creator, Betapekoyama.
  • He has two fictional husbands, Koujaku from Dramatical Murder, and Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • His theme is BLOODY STREAM by Coda.




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Tadeu's model was created by Kawaii Derp.

Pictures drawn by Betapekoyama are to be considered official.