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Taeko has long black hair that reaches her waist. Her eyes are dark grey. Her bust size is 1 and she is the tallest female student in Akademi.


Taeko is a Loner. She will react to corpses by fleeing the school and calling the cops. Since she is the love interest, she will give the player a game over if she witnesses them commit murder. She will react differently if the corpse belongs to Hanako Yamada, Osana Najimi, or someone she is close to. She will instead cry and knee-sit near the body.


7 AM-7:27 AM, Taeko will arrive at school. She will change shoes and sit on the fountain edge.

7:27 AM-8 AM A rival will come to interact with Senpai.

8 AM-1 PM, Taeko will be in class.

1 PM-1:24 PM, Stay after class to be with Seiteki Yokubo.

1:24-3:30 PM, Sit at seat.

3:30-4 PM, Taeko will participate in cleaning time.

4 PM-6 PM, Taeko will cuddle with Muja Saeki.


Taeko is a plain student excluding her height and grades.


Osana Najimi

Taeko is happy that her trusted friend, Osana, is there to take care of her little sister, Hanako. She is also pleased that Hanako is no longer so clingy.

Ryori Yasashi

Taeko loves the food samples that Ryori constantly gives her. Taeko likes Ryori's gentleness and big heart.

Yudaina Joyu (Rival #1)

Taeko feels a little annoyed by Yudaina's constant attempts to convince Taeko to join the Drama Club. Thinks Yudaina needs flirting tips.

Akuma Kumonosu (Rival #2)

Taeko feels a little bit scared about Akuma's interests in demons, spirits, and the selling of souls. Taeko is also a kind of intrigued by the occult books and demons.

Muchuno Ido (Rival #3)

Taeko gets tired of Muchuno's attempts to convert Taeko to become healthy.

Muja Saeki (Rival #4)

Taeko is attracted by her innocence and cuteness. Taeko sometimes takes advantage of her.

Seiteki Yokubo (Rival #5)

Taeko is attracted by her sexual appeal and her sexual advantages.

Tatsuko Gushiken (Rival #6)

Taeko is intimidated by her but is willing to give her a chance.

Hanako Yamada

Taeko cares deeply for her sister, but is glad that she spends a lot of time with Osana so she is less clingy.

Megami Saikou

Taeko fears Megami's power, but admires her work ethic. Still doesn't know Megami used to have a crush on him.

Koharu Hinata (Rival #7)

Taeko feels that Koharu is insignificant in her life because Koharu is almost never around her.

Rival Interaction 7:27 AM-8 AM (only one happens at a time)

Yudaina Joyu

Yuda will try to convince Senpai to join the Drama Club

Akuma Kumonosu

Akuma will try to summon a demon with Taeko.

Muchuno Ido (Rival #3)

Muchuno will run around the track with Senpai.

Muja Saeki (Rival #4)

Muja will cuddle with Senpai

Seiteki Yokubo (Rival #5)

Seiteki will flirt with Senpai and allow her to gaze at her breasts.

Tatsuko Gushiken (Rival #6)

Tatsuko will train Taeko to defend herself.

Koharu Hinata

Koharu will take photos around school with Senpai.


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