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Tamami Okazawaya has short brown hair with bangs that cover some of her right eye. She has turquoise eyes, one has a black eye back from her father. Tamami wears the default uniform, unless customized by the player. She is short for her age, and is very skinny because of a food disorder.


Tamami is angered half of the time because of her father. She often comes to school in a sour mood, and if the player tries to talk to her, Tamami will tell them to go away.

Tamami has a soft stomach, and can't handle gore well. If she witnesses something gruesome (someone caught on fire, dismembered limbs, etc.), Tamami will throw up, which will leave her idle for a few minutes. The player can decide to either kill her, or leave her alone. After this, Tamami will clean herself, and she will continue her routine, checking behind her sometimes.

Tamami has an interest in gardening. She is usually found planting flowers, or watering them.

Tamami also has an interest in poetry, and carries a journal of her own poems. All of the poems are about her rooster.


Missing Journal

Tamami lost her journal somewhere in the gardening club-place. If you find it, Tamami will reward you with some flowers and yen.

Gardening Gloves

Tamami needs her gardening gloves to be fixed. Find her gardening gloves, and mend them with the sewing machine. If you finish this task, Tamami will reward you with more yen.


"B..B..Blood?! What's this doing here?!" Reaction to blood.

"I..I..Is that?! I don't feel so well..." Reaction to corpses.

"I really need your help... I lost my journal somewhere in the tool shed... Can you get it for me?" Asking for Task #1.

"Oh... I'll look for it myself.." Denying Task #1.

"Thank you so much! That journal is special to me.." Accepting Task #1

"You found it! Again, thank you so much!" Completing Task #1

"I need my gardening gloves to be fixed... can you do it for me?" Asking for Task #2

"Sorry for wasting your time....' Denying Task #2

"I'll be waaiting!" Accepting Task #2

"Thank you so much!" Completing Task #2


  • Tamami is allergic to strawberries, and she carries an Epi Pen around.
    • Tamami used this to stab and kill Takeru in a chat rp.